How to grow and monetize a URL shortner in 2020?

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I realize that I'm probably 10 years late with this, but I happen to have built a URL shortner with some other features and I was wondering how I can scale up traffic and eventually monetize.

The original idea was to show Ads in the redirect page but I haven't tried just yet (the only ad network that I've signed up for just banned me - it wasn't really encouraging). I also understand that such a service will eventually expose me to spammers and I'm likely to get banned from the hosting I'm currently at.

As of now I've generated a bunch of links myself and posted them to forums with high volume of traffic and getting hits, but this is far from scaling up to a volume that can be consistently monetized.

Am I really to late at the game in this case? I had fun coding it and took me maybe a day or two, so it won't be that big of a loss anyway, I'm just wondering if I should drop the project altogether or maybe spin it into something that could be useful. I'm reading a lot about CPA and affiliate and a URL shortner could be useful, at least for my own projects.

For reference: I was deep into growth and digital marketing maybe 10 or so years ago. I've done some other stuff in between, I can now reinvest some time in a new project. I apologize if all this sounds a bit naive.
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