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    If it's WordPress you can use a shopping cart plugin or
    a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal or any
    of the others. There are dozens. If your site is not a
    WordPress you can use those options as well, but you
    will need to install some code.
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    You should have delegated the building of your site to someone not considering that as an option for something this sensitive. Configuring payment options is quite sensitive in my book and I believe this is something you should handle yourself. Stripe works fine in this especially if you are using WordPress.
    If it's an ecommerce site then use Shopify also.

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    Search for tutorials on youtube before paying someone and i am pretty sure you can find a lot of information ,if not pay someone to do it for you on fiverr maybe
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    Originally Posted by Duvasio View Post

    I've been building up my website for a while now. It's almost up and complete however I'm having trouble with the back end payment section . How would I create a secure payment transaction section for the website where customers can put in their payment. Should I hire someone do it for me ? Where should I look for such a person.

    You can go for gateway partners who can offer you simple to put code, to solve your problem. Unlike past when EBS or CC Avenue were the only options that even require payment gateway setup charges, maintenance charges, that is not the case today. Right now, you only have to register and pay minimum amount per transaction. Razorpay is a good option. Hope this is going to help!
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    If you have free time, you can study the materials on YouTube and on various thematic sites and do everything yourself.
    You can also hire a freelance specialist or company.
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    You have to find which payment gateways and processors are available in your country. Check their sites and find out the ways to implement respective service at your site. To integrate payment gateways on your site required some technical / website knowledge. If you find this process difficult, then hire web freelancer at upwork.com or fiverr to cpmplete this task.
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    Utilize PayPal you can easily create a PayPal Payment Button.
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      Utilize PayPal you can easily create a PayPal Payment Button.

      Aside from the PayPal Payment button, as anyone tried meddling around with the PayPal API. I guess that could easily be applied to your website if you read it thoroughly and also, you can give invoices.

      If all else fails, you could try out people at Fiverr who have good reviews. Or if you are feeling cheap and don't want to spend huge amount of money then go at Craigslist or other classified ads space websites.
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    If i was you, I would try to find some good knowleable guy on fiverr and ask to manage it for me for $5 to $10 bucks.
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