The Gullibility Factor in Internet Marketing

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Just a piece of advice to new members - don't be gullible. Don't believe everything you read in sales pages online. Be skeptical, ask the hard questions.

You say "I know that already" - but do you? We see people here who try every 'new program' every 'guaranteed to make money' process...month after month and sometimes year after year.

I just read a searing negative review of a program that has been spammed on this forum repeatedly in the past few weeks. When I say 'spammed' I mean people join this forum just to claim success with this 'program' - and 'here's the link'...and they are all 'affiliates' and scammers. Mods delete those accts so members don't see the spam.

The review was specific, with research done that clearly revealed the lies being told by this self appointed 'guru' who claims to be a millionaire making more millions online daily.

Anyone with common sense who read that review and the facts in it would run the other way rather than pay to join this 'program'....but the first question asked of the reviewer was :

"if it's a scam how did he become a millionaire"

Never occurred to that IM newbie that someone with a false story of his own success...might be lying about his success and his millions might be imaginary.

Don't be that guy!
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