Conversion optimization vs SEO - separate pages?

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Hi guys,

I am doing both SEO and ads campaign (it's for accommodation website)

As I understand, SEO requires more content - more text paragraphs and headings / subheadings containing keywords, (of course, added in appropriate / natural way of writing), many images to add alt tags ... (along with other SEO elements beyond - meta descriptions etc ...)

On the other hand, CRO - landing page optimization for conversion - is quite the opposite; it requires short and straight content - removing all unessential parts, leave only a few strongest selling points with attractive visuals, call to action and easy action (quick "buy now" or "book now" option)

Is it a good practice to do SEO on normal page, and create separate landing page for ads only (not visible in normal website navigation)? Or there is some other way?

All the suggestions and advice are welcome.

Thanks and have a good day!
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