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I need help with traffic.

I've built a funnel.

I Have an autoresponser and different products to promote.

I need traffic and do not have a large budget for Ads right now.

Would Solo Ads be a great way to build a targeted list and make sales.
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    I see a first very common problem and suffered from this myself for a long time.
    You said that you have different products to promote.

    Thats great, but you should rather focus your attention on one product at the beginning please.

    Chose a good one and do everything to convince your subscribers to get this one before you even think about promoting the next one.

    Therefore you need something of quality to promote. Something you can be proud of and know that it helps potential customers.

    Once you have this in place, traffic is not that much of a problem.

    Yes you can have success with solo ads but be aware that they can be very dangerous when you are a newbie and when you don't have a good funnel. Many people end up losing money with it.

    If your budget is small you should do it with free traffic first.
    It's up on you to decide where you want to get traffic. You can ask yourself where your ideal customers hang out, what they do in their free time etc to find the right place to get in front of them.
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      I totally agree that as a beginner, people should focus on one high-quality product until you get a grasp of what you are doing.
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    Mutual PR and some promotional offers can really help.
    Good luck with that!
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    With little money, it's hard to make much of an effect. But yes, PR are good way to start...I am buying it a lot on fiverr, (nice for betting promos like bet365 slovenija or others) ..
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    What is PR is that a form of cheaper advertising?
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    To start with, try posting your offers on relevant social networking groups which allows such posts. Take care not to spam. On the side, try Solo ads too.
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    You don't state which niche you are involved in.

    Pinterest may be an option as it's free but bear in mind
    that it has a large femail audience if that is compatible
    with your niche.

    Have a look at some traffic generation videos by Mick Meaney
    on YouTube to get ideas if you have a low budget.
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    If you're thinking about solo ads may I assume that you are building a list? And I also assuming to make money online niche?

    If so; solo ads can work but you have to promote something with a really low front end cost. That way you can recoup some of your money right away.

    You will have to look at it as a long-term thing to make money down the road from your list.

    Still assuming your list building; do a lot of testing with your follow up emails just to make sure they don't go to google Tabs . Most people use Gmail.

    Then after days with a good follow up sequence you might break even.

    Most people would throw in the towel before they saw profit. You would have to look at this as a long-term thing.

    If you weren't planning to build a list no solo ads will not work.

    Turn Gmail into an autoresponder, defeat Google promotion tab! http://jcdean.biz

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    Thanks @master blaster. Great advice. Right on, targeted niche is making money online and building a targeted list is the GOAL. Thinking long term was the most useful thing I've heard thus far. So I know now to expect to either break even or put a little money into ads over time.
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    Well if you dont have budget to use paid traffic then you need to use paid traffic .Firstly you need to choose a product and determinate its niche .After that you need to create content ,help people in your niche and then you can recommend your product .You can create a yt channel in your niche ,a blog ,forum posting ,blog commenting ,quora . No other way ,you need to work hard with free traffic
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    To start with, promote your products on social networking apps. Good way is join the groups and promote the products.
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    which kind of traffic you need
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    You can start to use Facebook Ads and have a daily budget of $5.

    I would not add a ad there unless you find someone who is really successful at FB ads and seek their help.

    You can find these courses on FB advertising courses that are of high caliber on Clickbank.

    Just go there and type.....facebook ads
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