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My name is Brian Cairns. I'm not new to marketing, but I am new to the forum. I have over 25 years of experience in marketing from P&G and J&J to start-ups.

My personal goal in 2021 is to become more involved in marketing groups. Since 2020 was such a tough year, I felt the need for marketing help is more important than ever.

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Looking forward to chatting.

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    Sorry. The intent wasn't to self promote. Just to disclose I still work in the business.
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    Hi Brian, welcome to the forum.

    Good luck with your 2021 goal!
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    Hi, I am Iona Lee. New Member today. I wish to have more discussion and knowledge from this forum.
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    Hey Brian) Welcome to the community
    What are you interested in, some specific niche?

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      My strength is in marketing strategy. Market segmentation, target selection, brand messaging, and positioning. This is where I have the most expertise.

      I do also have extensive experience in website design, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and Social. I'm not a guru on the technical end of these services, but I have executed many campaigns so I have a good practical sense of what works/doesn't.

      I'm happy to help wherever it's the most useful. I don't know the community well enough to say where that might be. I would be grateful if you had any suggestions.
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    Brian, I'm in the same boat. Been in sales and marketing for a long time, but need some networking, and no better place than virtual world.

    My expertise is copywriting and email marketing. I'm competent with SEO but just the basics
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    Cool - welcome aboard. Those are certainly two of the best in the business when it comes to marketing within big-name companies; look forward to hearing from you more!
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