Want to Start My Journey Selling my Own Course?

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What is the Best Way to Promote it, organically... Paid add easy to waste your money, first I would like to see it do covert well or not?
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    It depends on your product and your audience.

    Where do you think are people online who need your product? Which websites do they use? What are their interests and hobbies and what do they have in common? What are they searching for online? Where do they search? Where would you be yourself if you were your own customer?

    If you answer these questions you will find the solution.

    Apart from that you also need to make sure that you find a way to promote it which suits your own interests. That means you can not start a youtube channel for example if you hate making videos.
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    If you want to sell out your course then You should make a Instagram Page, Facebook Group/Page, Where firstly you should have to publish the success stories of those people who got best results after getting your course it is the best and free way, Success stories attract other people also to buy your course. site

    [Sorry for bad English]
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    Whats the topic of your course? you should start searching for niche related platforms where you can host your course, as you will enjoy traffic of their without any of you self promotion.
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    The best way to promote any product is to get results and promote the results! Not just your results but results for those who have used your product.

    This was the original idea behind beta testing and review copies. To get testimonials from users who have gotten results. Results Sell!

    Post the results on your social media, in forums, everywhere you can think of with a link to your sales page or some way to contact you for more information.
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