Overpricing when renewing a domain name?

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How should I proceed? I was very happy last year when I bought a lot of .com at very cheap prices. But this year, when it came time to renew those domain names, I found out that the cost of renewing is almost $40 per domain. It's very expensive. What to do? I was desperate.
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    If you've done nothing with the domains since you bought them, consider letting them go. Otherwise, renew the ones you want to keep/develop, but make a note to transfer them to another (cheaper) registrar well before the next renewals come up.

    And remember that most bargains come with a catch. Next time you see a cheap domain offer, check the renewal fees.

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    That happened to me before.

    It cost $8 to register and when it came time to renew,
    it was twice as much.

    This is not a big deal if it's just a couple domains, but I
    have hundreds of domains. And I had just transferred
    them from another registrar that I had issues with.

    I had no other option than to transfer them again, over

    Domain junkies, always check the renewal rates before
    you register your domains.
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    when I bought a lot of .com at very cheap prices

    What purpose did you have in mind when you registered those domains?
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    Have you checked out Namecheap.com? Cheap to purchase and renew. Who did you buy with?
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    I bought a domain from GoDaddy using promo code and after 1 year the domain cost increase from 9$ to 50$ that's was huge but unfortunately I have to pay as that's my client site. Is there any way to renew the same domain in less cost? Site
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    Yes, it really is more expensive than the actual cost of the .com renewal. I just checked the prices with my Pananames https://pananames.com/ registrar. Here the .com renewal price is the same as before, $10.84. This is an adequate price. I always register domain names here.
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    In any case, I will now choose another registrar. And now I will be more attentive.
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    If you're talking 10, 20 or 40 domains, that's hefty. I would let them go, and keep only the ones that are making money.
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    Yes, indeed, if you are going to renew all domain names and they all bring money, then it makes sense to transfer to another registrar.
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    Not sure your initial intentions when you invested but at 6 months that was a good window to begin building on them or promoted them as for sale.

    You can also offer in bulk as a portfolio but if you are at the renewal date you have to take the hit then try to sell for higher or as mentioned above let them go.

    And another option... do not forget you can always drop them, allow the process, and re-register at cheaper price.
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    Let's Transfer to another cheap registrar like namecheap, domain etc..


    Join Godaddy reseller partners & Get better discounts for your renewal and new domain purchases.
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    Was your goal? To sell these domain names for a profit?

    I would let them go and move on.

    Waste of time.
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    Thank you.

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