Documenting my Journey. Every feedback is appreciated.

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Hi everyone,

I tried many times to answer to that old post, where other users helped me, but I wasn't able to "log in". I was already logged in but when I tried to post the answer, the site kept asking me to log in and at every attempt it gave me an error. So I'll be writing here. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

There days, after receiving those helpful insights and suggestions from the users of the forum, I have tried to figure out what kind of online income activity I enjoyed the most. I have been looking at ClickBank but I didn't trust that. I have been thinking about email marketing and growth hacking which - at first - intrigued me a lot and seemed to be suitable for my working style.

However, the scene of me doing over and over the same thing didn't help me at all. So, what I was looking for, was something that I could do over and over but that every time was new (like a project or a creative task, such as drawing, writing, photo shooting, video editing and so on).

The first thing I did was to keep working on my blog (which I started two years ago but never really pushed into it, due to a lack of vision and motivation - why was I doing it?). So, I gave it a fresh new loook and posted the first content. Now I have 4 posts but they need to be reviewed (and they're in italian so this shrink my readers - I'd love to be international).

Still, this doesn't convince me. I need something visual or even more creative than writing (I consider writing as the most essential and rudimental and primitive creative form but what I love most are colors, lights, emotions, forms, photographs, music and video). So these days I have been thinking about other forms of income, like video creation to post on social networks and a dropshipping website).

I tried today to implement a dropshipping service into my website and that was incredibly easy. I was simultaneously working on different aspects of that service, like brand, eco-friendly merchandising, relatively fast shipping and low-cost items. I started easy: a t-shirt business.

Now, this gives me a lot more freedom and fun than writing or emailing someone. However, "t-shirts" don't give much of an "electric love", so I'll keep moving forward until I find what truly excites me.

Thank you everyone for your support and reading.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Hello Matteo!

    I am so happy to read about your progress.

    Why are you leery of Clickbank? They have
    been in business for a long time and they
    are very reputable.

    Don't limit yourself to marketing to Italy,
    you can sell stuff all over the world.

    I think it's great that you setup a t-shirt
    business and if you want to do videos
    and music, you can do all those things.

    You can do whatever you want to do.

    The only person that limits you, is you.
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    Sounds great, look forward to hearing more about your journey. Work consistently and you will get there!
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