Any good SEO Tools in the context of Page(s) (instead of just full domains)?

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Hello. Most of the SEO tools i have seen are in the context of a entire domain that the user presumably owns (as well as competitors being a whole domain).

What if you are on some form of "community" or "platform" where you "own" just a piece of page real-estate. Maybe i'm only concerned about a single page (or collection of URLs) on Youtube, or Amazon, or Etsy, or a maybe Profile on LinkedIn, or Quora, or maybe i'm selling a SAAS product on a platform like Apple/Android App, SalesForce, Google Workspace, etc...

In other words, i want my "site" and "competitors" to be defined as a single URL, or collection of URL's, or a whole domain?

Are there any tools that do a particularly good job for this usecase?

Thank you.
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