a word to beginners, here is my affiliate journey

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I dropped out of college in 2012 for good after going for four years and not having completed my labs for science. I built a silly website called girlfriendhire.com (not around anymore) and sold it for a small undisclosed amount, but it was enough to finally leave my parent's home in Naples, Florida. I moved to my grandparents for a year in North Carolina and lived in a guest room, and set up a desk in their attic. I was buying ads on Facebook to promote CPA offers, also known as affiliate offers. I made upwards of $700 a day in affiliate commissions and told my grandfather I had figured out how to get rich. I got to work on creating a coaching product to sell as a business opportunity to people called "My Facebook Formula." The product never sold and is in a box in my office in the form of magazines, DVDs, and a USB drive that looks like a credit card that held the ads and landing pages. I met my wife because of this product. She was my advertising account manager in Las Vegas. I wanted to move to the west coast, and she had a room for rent for $500 a month. I drove across the united states in 4 days from the east to the west coast in my old pearl white 3.2TL Acura. We married in 3 months, got pregnant in 3 months, and had a small wedding at the Red Rock Conservation Area on a helicopter pad. Soon after, my wife got fired because her boss thought we were competing with him. We took a credit card and started buying traffic ourselves.

Meanwhile, we were in the middle of getting a mortgage on our first house and had to pull off a big stunt to get it approved on my business with no taxes in order. We put all our money together and got it. We continued to run CPA offers with different publishers and grew our business. We had paid off the house very quickly. We had a second baby coming now. The house wasn't big enough, and we still didn't have taxes filed after a few years. So we tried to buy a bigger house on a no-document loan, and that fell through, and we were homeless overnight.

We ran our business from our cell phones on 4G and searched for a house. We had pets, kids, and a car full of things. We got on Airbnb and rented out a room in the middle of nowhere, far outside of town, and we stayed at this place for almost two weeks. We had $150,000 cash from the home sale and found a condo online and bought it for cash, having never even seen the house or the area. We refused to rent anything and have our wealth evaporate. We stayed here for a few years and kept building our business. A few years passed, and we decided to buy the house we were in today in our dream neighborhood. Soon after, we purchased our second dream house in California as a vacation rental and, for some years, an office. We are still in business all that eight years later.
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