Does anyone uses Safelist?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie. I was wondering who uses safelist to promote their affiliate programs?
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    Safelist traffic can make money, if you really know what you are doing for that specific type of traffic.

    But keep in mind that it's very low quality . . . I tried it a few years back, and tried to build a list, but the open rate went down to zero by the 3rd post, so it was a waste of time.(same as other low-quality traffic).

    List-building is the best way to go with affiliate marketing, because it gets much better results long-term (think about is). And safe-list traffic will not work for list-building.

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    Originally Posted by emoney1013 View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie. I was wondering who uses safelist to promote their affiliate programs?
    I tried Safelists - a LOT of them - a number of years ago. Long story short, it was a waste of time and energy for me.

    Safelists can be fun and exciting because they have all sorts of incentives and rewards and even payouts (which are NOT easy to get) for being an active member of the list. You feel like you're doing something!

    But you're not.

    What you ARE doing is spinning your wheels in a rut that no one will help you out of. Safelists are used by people who believe the myth that they can earn fast money online. Don't fall for it.

    As Chris said, build a list with affiliate marketing or any of the other proven ways out there. Do some research on it.

    All the best to you on your journey. Always remember: there is no quick dollar in this game. It does take actual work. Don't let ever let anyone convince you otherwise.
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    I personally do quite well with safelists. I only do the paid options and use it to send people to capture pages to build my email list. I'm active in 5 safelists and only spend about 20 minutes per day doing it. I have a simple checklist for each safelist. I do what's on the checklist and log out. It's affordable and works well for me, but everyone has different results. It depends a lot on your niche and your strategy. Just my two cents.
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    I think you need a lot of perseverance and patience to achieve anything with it - as with everything really - but basically I don't think you can find the best quality traffic there, which is why I don't use it
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    There are couple of good safelists you can use but as the other members who have answered here pointed out, safelists can be intimidating. If used properly they can give some sort of decent results.
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