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by m jack
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Hii everyone, has any of you run campaigns in Ecuador? What is the best traffic source for this geo(except facebook)? What has a better conversion to cost ratio?
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    You could try some long tail paid search terms. It may not be much volume, but you could really target phrases that are super specific to what you are trying to get.
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      i thought about that, but the low volume part discouraged me. though, i read that because of it's specificity it converts better, so i guess i'd have to try it and see. have you tried it? how did it work out for you?
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    Hi, you can give google adwords a try. What you need to do is to first put a tracking pixel to your website so you can get enough data, then run specific ads using the data your got from the pixels.
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    Is it indispensable to be that specific?
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    I tried Tik tok for my affiliate website and Trust me I got huge traffic that increase my sale lovely platform.Homepage
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    Hi m jack,

    I haven't myself, but you could go direct to purchased traffic.
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