hi everyone, today is my first day to join warrior, hope can learn something here:)

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    There is a lot to learn here. Best, though, to post what you know, what you've tried (or what you do), what your goals are, etc.
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    Well here its a huge place with tons of information regarding to make money online etc ,its important to take proper action with the knkwledge you have and proper mindset

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    Welcome to the forum. Please make sure to read the forum rules here - https://www.warriorforum.com/main-in...ral-rules.html
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    Originally Posted by SantaJudy View Post

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    The better quality questions you ask, the better quality answers you'll get.

    You say you hope to learn something here...about what, specifically?

    Goatherding? Knife sharpening? You won't find that here.

    How to do SEO? Lead generation? Sales? (Better go down to the Offline subforum if you want the best answers on that). You've got a chance.

    Let us know what you are interested in learning.
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