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am very good with content creation what is the best way to show my ability to perspective clients am I'm even willing to work free for a little bit to show my abilities so what you best advice finding
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    If you want to be paid for 'content creation' - and that's how you write, you might want to consider doing something else.

    No punctuation, no sentence structure, grammatical issues.

    Create an example (portfolio) of your writing/content styles by writing about several different topics. Sign up with freelance sites and bid on gigs...place an ad on this forum in the "Warriors for Hire' section.

    No sense in working for 'free' - hone your skills so you qualify to get paid for work.
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    When you say content creation, what kind of content creation are you referring to? Videos? Photos? Writing?
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    You should focus on building your portfolio first. As I don't know what type of content are you referring to so, I suggest if you create web content then you should make an account on medium. Medium is a popular website and good way to build your portfolio and showcase your skills. You can write blogs, articles and much more and upload it on that website so your portfolio will be built there.
    Secondly if you create videos then you can make an Instagram account and upload your work there.
    There are indeed many ways to show your work depending on your skill
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