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Howdy! I have a question related to the video script of my videos. I have a YouTube channel where I write unique scripts and create videos. My question is, can I use that script on my website? to turn it into an article with images + the youtube video added to the beginning of the article.

Can this somehow be included in the reused content because I use it on two different platforms? I specify that first I post the video on YouTube, then after a few days I also post it as an article on the website.

This thing has been bothering me for some time and I want to know if I will continue to post on the website. From my point of view, it could not be a problem for the safety of the YouTube channel.

Many thanks to those who can help me with an opinion!
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    I'd post the video and transcript of it on my own site and then post the video to YouTube.
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    Well it will not be a problem at all because its your content and you are free to use it in diferent platforms
    Also youtube will not have any problem if you post the script on your blog
    Related to your blog it depends if your script its good as content ,if you have a very short acript with not so much content i dont think its a good idea to post it on your blog
    On the other way if you think you have good content on your script then yea you can post it
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    I agree with spartan I don't think it should be a problem because its your own content basically.
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