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Hi all of you internet warriors! Greetings. I just logged in my account and I checked I created this on 2018, wow 5 years ago I was planning to start my internet business. If I only knew what I would end up now I would have advised my 2018 self to start.

Well fast forward to today, I have successfully created a online agency that is 6 figures a year. I started this less than 2 years ago. Learned everything from scratch, from manually outreaching to people to automating and creating systems and processes.

I learned everything from YouTube and forums.

So for all the people who are starting my advise is to keep on grinding, don't stop and keep aiming high.

My next goal is to achieve 8 figures a year, then create SaaS company. I hope beginners that are reading this will get inspired to take action.

I will be more active on this forum again.
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    Nice to have you back .What would you say helped you to scale your agency and grow ?
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    Hey bro, I'm new here and wow that's really good! What youtube channel did you learn it from and what forums? I'm surprised you didn't buy any course or anything like that!
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  • Wow...such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'm sorry but I'm not from the Phillipines, I'm from the US. That's very inspiring!
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