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Hi all,
my name is Teo I am a newbie in this great forum.
I started my own online business about ten years ago and worked hard on SEO for my site.
Ten years later I can say that the results have been disappointing.
While the business has gone generally well due to connections with customers taken offline, I suspect my website still lags very much behind my competitors in terms of visits, as I have been able to check the number of visitors to my competitors site by web analytics.
I know they get many inquiries per week while I get one or two at best.
I have several high quality backlinks, my site has been created and maintained well, I have done lots of keywords research and done much more.
There may be a problem of content as well.
My issues is that 90% of my attention needs to be focused on my main business and the various SEO men I have hired during the years they all gave me contrasting advices and they mostly led nowhere.
I have a problem with hiring new SEO men now as I have no clue on whether they are capable or not, and results are measured in years rather than months so I am afraid about losing again time and money.
So I reach out to you as I would like to understand what are the basic metrics to understand whether your site is doing well or not, where are your margins of improvement and if a SEO man or woman is apt to the job or not, considering that I dont have much time to spend to read and educate myself

Thank you.
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    If you have had a website for 10 years then you should have a fairly substantial customer base. Rather than spend time on the super-competitive SEO world and competing with the deep-pocketed competitors, I would recommend that you "mine your customer base".

    Communicate with your customers by running enticing "Flash Sales" on your products.
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    I appreciate that you don't feel you have the time to spend on SEO. However, 1.) it does not take long to learn and implement the basics. 2.) even if you don't have time, your competitors will be studying how to improve SEO.
    If you can learn the basics then you can employ an administrator to deal with the SEO under your instruction.
    In terms of the metrics the only ones that matter are website visitor numbers, sign-ups and sales.
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