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Hi! I have recently created a new website on Wordpress for my business and been trying to improve my ranking in Google. I am using Rank Math SEO plug in, achieving results above 90 in all my pages for the keywords I am using and also been working with my website speed. Now I would like to know further about two things:

-How much time do I have to wait to check results in GSC, in order to know if I am in the right path or not? According to some tools like SE Ranking or Semrush, the segment or keywords for which I am aiming is not difficult at all.

-I have a page, which is not the homepage and describes one of my businesses, that is already indexed in Google and is not ranking well at all. What calls my attention is that it particularly does not rank (I can not see any impressions or clics in GSC) for the keywords I am using in Rank Math, but it does (poorly) for other searchs. As I said, I am achieving outcomes above 90 in this plug in, specially for this page. Why can this be happening?

Thanks and please consider I have not much experience in this!!!!
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