How can i start by business with blog?

by jay300
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I wanna run my marketing agency for small business.

I think I dont have portfolio, so I will make organic traffic for them.

My idea is making organic traffic and covert and nurture them by email.

So my clients get hot leads being ready to buy.

Thats my situation.

I need to learn about them.

- Email marketing
- Sales funnel
- Content marketing(Blog)

I read lots of books about digital marketing.
But it's hard to find method making organic traffic(blog) and convert them.

Thats my point : can u recommend me any courses or mentors about them?

I need more details about blog marketing and email marketing strategies.

Thanks for reading
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    Do you HAVE a 'marketing agency' now - or is this a plan for the future?

    What experience/skills do you have? What have you done (sales, blogging, advertising/marketing, etc)?

    There is a full section about 'email' on this forum - good place to start reading.
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    For email marketing its a unique skill, there is many books and teachings about it, however if u join a program that can write the email series for you, its all about relationship building, but if you are doing it yourselves, you would need a auto responder this is a program that stores the email address with their consent once a opt in page is built, as far as content marketing it is very difficult to rank on goggle first page, but if u do review articles it becomes much easier due to the fact that not many people in comparissiong write review artciles i hope this helps yoi, best of luck in your search

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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    Originally Posted by jay300 View Post

    Thats my point : can u recommend me any courses or mentors about them?

    Originally Posted by Moodesburn1977 View Post

    For email marketing its.....
    I'm curious how all that information answers the above question from the original poster.
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    OP, since you need to produce results to get a mailing list you can convert into clients, I suggest you build up your case study portfolio by looking up organic traffic guides on Youtube.

    This info is free but there are different 'flavors' of free online traffic

    Pro tip: Restrict your search for videos that are more recent


    Organic traffic methods quickly die out once saturated or botted (ie., people start building software to siphon off as much traffic before the method blocks or restricts traffic flow)
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    I can't recommend something specific because then my answer probably gets deleted haha, buuut you can still read through everything you can find in this forum and I'm sure you find tons of information. But remember there is a lot of junk out there, so be careful who you trust.
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    I'm not sure that I'd identify a "marketing agency" as what you are wanting to learn or build.

    Most "marketing agencies" use paid advertising, social media marketing strategies, and use expensive SaaS and CRM platforms (*pipelines) like High Level to generate, nurture, and SELL leads to local businesses and service providers.

    What you appear to be referring to is IM (*Internet Marketing) where you post blog content, generate organic email leads and convert that traffic into sales or sales commissions.

    In many cases, you can start with "affiliate marketing" networks and CPA offers, if you do not have a product or service of your own to offer.

    There are tons of free courses to learn from... Russell Brunson's ABC (*affiliate boot camp) - ClickBank offers training on this, and your best bet is probable YouTube, as there's a ton of people teaching Blogging, SEO, Capturing Emails, List Building, and generating sales and/or commissions using free traffic methods.
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    I don't know which niche you are running. Avoid YMYL niche means health, financial etc. Because Google search engine wants you a professional one. Blog with beauty, home improvement and search on Google where there is no good article on web without social site. There is a good chance to get a lot of traffics on those niche. Do good and low competitive keyword research and make topical authority. If you build topical authority there is no need buy backlink. And do local SEO with good one.
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    Some businesses need relevant traffic to boost their sales, so work on organic and sales boost traffic then show to small businesses.
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    Use blogger and write about various business topics. Use the keyword box to get optimized by those keywords.
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    Don't be afraid to experiment. Study trends in your niche, try different content formats, interact with your subscribers. Be prepared for the fact that success will not come immediately, but patience and consistency are your faithful companions in this journey.
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    I'm trying to build digital asset niche websites that generate passive income via Adsense or other platforms. Yes they can guide viewers to your afilliate offers but this method doesn't rely on converting viewers into buyers. These niche websites rely on organic traffic to generate pageviews. 500 articles to achieve 80 pageviews/day for $100/day Adsense income depending on the niche or the Ads platform. My big issue is proper indexing. Without indexing you can't get ranking on Google. I'm using google console to request indexing but its a long process.

    After spending 100+ hours building a website, using Nicepage, with 20 articles using Longtail Keywords as titles, I realized there must be an easier way. I haven't even gotten backlinks yet. So I'm trying GPT Studio to help with the time issue and hopefully my pages index easier. However I'm running into the text-davinci-003 deprecated error when trying to use the AI content Generator. I'm hoping their support can help me.

    I didn't have the income to buy clicks to start email marketing so the blogging method appeals more to me. You can create a sales funnel using comparative reviews tables in your blog, channeling the viewer to your recommended product and call-to-action button.

    I went through the Full Staq Accelerator Course which is all video and they have live instruction weekends. They also try to improve your positive mindset with prosperity issues. They teach email marketing, ad buying and buying clicks from publishers.

    Mark Ling has a 'Path to Passive' E-book which was worth the $35. This teaches you the blue print to make Niche Websites using SEO.

    What Moodesburn says about auto responders....I used Get Response which was the best mailing platform because of all the AI extras and they allow you to make multiple lists so you can automate your business easier. However, I think its the most expensive. Looking back I think the expense would have been worth it since you get roughly an ROI of 3 times what your ad spend amount is.

    I hope this info helps.
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    I started my career with blogging, and now I run my own agency.

    But, I can't drop specific links or anything like that; it might get my answer deleted--you know the rules, right?

    But you can still read through everything you can find in this forum, and I'm sure you'll find lots of information about what you want. Just be cautious about who you trust because there's a bunch of nonsense floating around.
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    First and foremost, you need to create channel to collect users visiting your channel such as Website.
    So, first item will be Content Marketing (Blog) to ensure you can delivery all content (friendly SEO) to user and all search engine can indexed.
    Second, conduct to use ahref to configure your website see your organic traffic where visitor get your page's site.
    After, let make campaign to advertise on those pages to navigate to selling, email to them if they are interesting with your content that you provide.
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    Educate yourself, provide value that is different than what is already there, be consistent and make sure what you say is accurate. Have a personality, someone ppl like!
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