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Hey Warriors,

If you are a having hard time converting traffic into red hot buyers on Clickbank, you may want to read this:

Is Clickbank a Scam? (blog post)

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    its not a scam but they got many small little things setted up to mess up everything
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    Hey Raimundas M, i read your blog every time you have a new post.I`m a big fan.
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      Very useful article. Thanks:-)
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    • Profile picture of the author Carsten Tiensuu
      Very useful article. Thanks:-)
      [Newbie Training] MEGA DISCOUNT! Discover How To Earn Money in 24 Hours From Now - Income Guaranteed
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    I don't think it's a scam because I personally know some people making a lot of money from clickbanking.
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      I don't think so. Cause I myself is making money from clickbank. But I agree to the fact that is it really very hard for most of the time. But as long as you have the hard work and skills. You can always get something.

      I love your blog though cause you were able to share your opinion very well and its easy to follow. Great work.

      If you want any help with regards to the following. Just reach me and I will be happy to share.
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        ClickBank, did not we all went there first when we started to deal with internet opportunity? Well, maybe not like 100% of us but good % did that.

        Is CB scam? Nope! They sold over 300,000 products, paid to members over $3,000,000,000 .
        Now, like always in every business, no matter how good are you or your company there is always at least 1 person that will talk bad.
        For me personaly, I never earn with CB, main reason is not CB, it's just me, over the time I found better solutions, like many of us here.
        Now, the reality of CB is they are not like before and that is true, why? No because CB done something wrong, simple, just look around Internet, how much big, nice and good company like CB are there, today even better from CB, so competitions is main CB problem last maybe 2 years and its continue.
        Now with launching University, I dont know how that goes but as I see it is for newbies and what I dont like personaly, they want to earn on that, which is from their prospective ok but from mine nah...
        99% of what you can learn there you can with just few hours daily of your searching, you can do that for free, just look what we have on WF for free.

        Now some facts about blog post, I have always say to people, if you dont know what you are doing, better dont do that on internet, and I mean on traffic, I will show you results from one of my sites, where I didnt do anything basicly for over a year, I think this is mine 2nd time in 2014 to even log in.
        So, this is just to show you guys who wants to just buy domain and just put that ugly link from CB in some highlighted text on your sites.
        In other words, this is wron way to do this, promote CB products, learn from others mistakes.

        First image and you can see how much I have visits per day, month, and for whole this 2014 year, I wanna say that all this is from free traffic, and what I mean on free traffic I mean on Google, basicly 98,5% of this came from Google because this site is ranking really well in keyword world, really well...
        But check out results...

        Results, what I got from all this? Maybe 30 clicks on what I promote and almost 47,500 comments, from that 47,500 - 100% of comments are pure spam

        What I want to say here, yes the fact is I have few domains that are purchased for years but somehow I never get enough time to take a look and do something good with that, I guess cause I have already my sources of income and that isnt this, thats for sure lol

        People, sorry for a long post, I just want to give you a picture that you need to create in your head if you think about sending healthy how Im calling traffic from just Google researching.
        As I said, when I check a week ago this site I was like WOOW, what is wrong here, I did check most of keyword and in most cases I am on first page of Google and Bing, but as you can see, no results for me, I got maybe 50 people opt in to my mailing list, 30 clicks on products and that is that basicly.
        This site have good potential, but I need to find some free time in my bussy days online to check and see what can I do with this.

        Anyway guys, once again sorry for a long comment, only reason is, that is me, I love to help others, I love to give value, I know this aint something but I just got some free time how this year is ending and I would spend more and more time on WF.
        I hope someone is going to find this and say, ok, I wont do the same mistakes this guy did.
        Can you earn from CB, absolutely you can, just open your mind, do your own reaserch, never do what others already done in past, just find, create and realize your own way.

        Wish ya'll the best in 2015!
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    Nice Share !! .. Thanks
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    Nice information. Clickbank is not a scam. Receive my commissions regularly.
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