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    Launch Day - My Marketing Experiance when Launching my First Forum

    Way to go Jamie! Just posted my first blog entry on WF and was nosing around the other posts and what do you know ... I saw you! Cool beanz about the Jeep forum, I'll check it out. - Jim
    Posted 29th January 2010 at 01:53 PM by jamesburchill jamesburchill is offline
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    My Start in Marketing Online

    Believe it or not...

    Believe it or not- your outbound links have no impact whatsoever on your site's page rank. Your inbound links (link popularity) vs. traffic do.

    They do however slightly impact what content your site is "associated" with- which has an impact on actual search results.

    This is countered by the "nofollow" feature of the link- it stops the spiders from following that link and "associating" the content of the two sites. Think of them as doors that swing one way, and "nofollow" links also have screen doors to keep the spiders out.

    It also can be used to prevent a page on your site from being indexed (all inbound links to the page are "nofollow").

    Also keep this in mind when building backlinks: spiders cannot follow these links, but people still can (and still often do).

    That brings up another common "Oopsie"...

    Here's a question: would you rather have rankings later, or traffic now? Traffic that comes from blogs actually has less to do with page rank, and more to do with reader interest. They already read these blogs, and happen to see your site link there- they weren't searching. They get curious and take a look.
    Comment on relevant "nofollow" blogs/forums/whatever too!

    I could get really detailed with this, that's the general concept.

    The trick with outbound links is simply what I call "traffic control."

    Usually, you tend to want people to stay on your pages, whether it be to other relevant sites you own (to "share traffic" between your sites), or to other pages on the same site.

    If people are leaving your page through one of your links, you want it to work to your benefit (or profit) somehow- and to something relevant.

    The moral of the story is:

    1. Keep all links- in and out- relevant to your website... especially the linked text (for linked pictures, the alt text is the actual linked text)
    2. If you want to link to another site, but don't want the content to be associated between the two- use the "nofollow" tag.
    3. Make all of your outbound links obvious, easy to follow, and profitable. That way, when your readers do leave your page, it's through something that helps you instead of the little "X" at the top of the browser window.
    4. Get as many relevant inbound links as you can, and keep at it (your competition is).
    Posted 21st January 2010 at 04:23 PM by DynamicRevelation DynamicRevelation is offline

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