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Continuation of my Thread

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Posted 5th May 2017 at 01:17 AM by avny
Updated 25th August 2017 at 01:43 AM by avny

Originally Posted by Kay King View Post
The first 2-3 posts I thought were fine - but you've gone off the rails. Long rambling posts jumping and there - covering one method after another - constantly discussing Gary V as if you discovered him and need to explain it to others here. Nothing wrong with posting advice - with helping others - if you know what you are doing.

One BIG problem.

In the middle of this monologue - you mention you aren't making money - you are not succeeding - you can't pay for housing or even a bike. You claim your income stopped so you could write this thread. That does not make sense. Now you are a 'mystic guy'. How are you surviving if you have no money? Who pays your bills?

Most marketers want to sell and earning money is important. They want to pay their own bills, support a family, have a comfortable lifestyle.

You have created a personal journal here - and the mods have allowed it - so not my concern if you keep posting for the next month. However, I worry new marketers will follow your advice and end up just where you are.
Thanks for your great critique.
I expected a more hate centered one so thanks for being honest and kind.

And infact you really really opened up a big door.
You are perfectly right about your concern which is:
"If you are not making money, what is the point of advising others?"

The reason that I tell people I am not making money is because
1. Most of the people here are not also making money. I guess you agree with me here.
Infact I believe at least 95% of "internet marketers" do not make a single cent online. Being into many conversations and reading thousands of posts, that is my guess. I personally know from a product creator that half of the people buying products online do not even log in to the product. People just read the sales letter, have an urge to buy, buy and let it be there so that they "might" need it.
2. They believe they will not make money because they are not making money.
It is a closed loop. They believe they need more "info" "skills" "ideas" to finally crack the code or the complete the puzzle. Just one next product that "could" give them the last part of the puzzle.

So because of these 2 reasons it is not possible to help these people (most of the people here on WF) without going down to their level, being one of them, holding their hands and lifting them up.

If I was a six figure guy and I would tell all the tips and tricks and even secrets here, I sincerely believe I would not help most of the people.
Because people would sub-consciously say "Hey, this guy is great and his advice is great. But I know these would not work for me. Because he is making six figures and I am just a looser"

As I said in my previous posts, I can take any newbie here and give him 1 million dollar worth of products/tools and what will happen would be the same. Nothing. He would just become an information junkie. Someone who knows everything and doing nothing.
I am eager to listen anyone if I am wrong with this.

I hate to speak about like a know-it-all, but for the sake of reasoning I want to reference NLP here.
One of fundementals of NLP is "getting in to the same level of emotional level" with your prospect.
You want to help a junkie?
Great then you should be able to know how it feels to be a junkie.
You know why governments and rehabilitation centers can not really help junkies?
Because they do not care about what junkies "feel". They just seem them as "cracks" who need to be taken care of.
Did you know drug addiction is lower in countries where drugs are legal?
Pretty interesting right.
The reason is : problem is not the drug. Problem is the society. If one society does not give happiness to its members and the members are abusing drugs then the solution here is not trying to chase drug addicts, solution is understanding them, solving their problems and showing love and respect to them.

Here is a non gary video explaining this phenomenon

If you think why I am so much talking about junkies it is because I have science behind me when I say "all addictions work the same way. Cocaine, heroine, porn and buying addiction". Same centers in the brain, same impulses, the only thing different is the substance creating the signals.

Look when I bought my first product I would never guess I would be an information junkie. But when I noticed I bought a dozen and I am exactly in the same circle that I started, then I realized something is "wrong".
Something is terribly wrong.
You can see this inside any sales page.
Go to w+ and open any random sales page.
You will possibly read something like this.

" Hey soon to be rich but now depressed and lost marketer!
Are you running in circles and feel depressed?
Work long hours but achive nothing?
Your family telling you to "go find a job" ?
Are you starting to think this "internet thing" is fake and all gurus are lying?
Ok my friend. I understand you!
Look I was once in your shoes.
I was depressed. I was not making any. My credit cards were maxed out. My home and marriage was on danger. One day I was about to finish this agony so I messaged some successful marketer that I will give up. Then he replied me and said not to give up and gave me a simple step-by-step strategy. That my friend was the day my life changed.
Because first time in my life I was making money. Then day after day I perfected the system. And now I want to give it to you. For the price of a coffee because I know your situation and want to help you.
ps. look if you do not buy this , your life will not change. Your home will go to mortgage company and your wife will marry with the rich jerk in her company and your children will always be in shame because of you.
But if you buy this your life will change.
You will start to sip your margarita in a tropical island with your family and just check your paypal account to see how much you made while you sleep!"

Does these lines seem familiar?
Yes sure. Because professional copywriters know NLP!
So do you think I am wrong about my thought about the desperate newbie.

You say
However, I worry new marketers will follow your advice and end up just where you are.
Well the truth is they are exactly there already!
New marketers will go through the exact circles I have gone.
Because the IM scene is same.
Nothing changed since I bought my first product.
Products are changing but the concept is the same.
Most of the sales page are same!
Same promises same hype!
They can not even sell them here on WSO section because they know there is a strong community asking questions and a real company behind the forum which does not tolerate "hype".

But crappy products are there on several market places. Vendors making thousands with a lauch with social proof from their JVs. Thanks to the "newbie cash cows". I have personally seen a big vendor using testimonials from fiverr.

Second points is there is zero possibility that people will follow my advice and not be successful. Zero.
Why I am so sure?
Because I am telling people the REAL. I am not copy pasting.
I do not write a single line that I do not believe and experience.
I am not hyping. Cheating. Selling.
I tell the truth just as it is!

I tell people to get out of SOS. To get their arse move. To Stop excuses. To start creating.

Do you think someone will create content and will not be successful?

Look any newbie and I mean any, can start a free blog right now and can just ramble and talk about products launching, will make money. Consistently.
Could someone tell this is wrong?

You will complain but I will give an example from gary again.
Because it works. Because it is real. Because he has done it infront of all the so called "gurus" who tell just creating "content" will not work. Gurus who tell they are the king of marketing. But you know what?
No professional company cares about these gurus. Fortune 500 companies do not seek advice from your so called "internet marketing expert who makes money by telling people how to make money".
gary made it in front of all "nay" sayers. I mean professional nay sayers. Infront of real entrepreneurs, CEOs, CMOs, agencies.
I am not promoting gary, I am promoting "ethics, passion and creating value".
Because most people here unfortunately believes they will somehow find a way to take care of their families and pay bills and buy toys by some push button money making strategy that will take zero dedication, work and passion. They want something that will take no work but provide a passive income. They do not want to create, they just want to consume.
Do you think they will be successful?
I do not.

[quote]Most marketers want to sell and earning money is important. They want to pay their own bills, support a family, have a comfortable lifestyle.[quote]

Sorry you are wrong. Earning money is not important. Deserving it is the important.
If you just want to make money solely, then you do not need to do internet marketing either. You should master the art of persuasion. Find a high ticket "opportunity" and persuade people to join and make a ton of money! This works guy. Flawlessly. You will need to fake it till you make it but it works. I personally know a guy done this.
He is from india, can not really speak, but he made it and me as a sucker could not do it. He is making thousands and I am just posting here. I will not put his fb profile here but if you want to check it I can provide you with pm.

Look the leaderboards of popular high ticket programs and you will notice the same people. They are always there. Coincidence?
No! It is a science. You should do and speak whatever it needs to persuade people to buy into the system. Show them mansions, cars, resort. Can not afford to buy ferrari for your promotional video? No problem, rent one. People are dumb. Show them the money, scratch their money lust and they will BUY! Do not worry because lieing does not hurt. At least until federals notice you. But do not worry if you are not explicity scamming people. If you have some kind of high ticket company at your back, there will be no problem. There are just too many scammers,Bizopps,hightickets,MLMs out there for federals to chase. Sure some people will hate you but who cares? You are making money and living your beautiful life! That is the important thing. Money is the important thing right?

For the part I said I do not make money.
Yes I do not make money. But that is intentional. I am focused on giving value.
As I mentioned how can I help someone not making money without me being next no them?

Yes I do not make money but I did not say I am not successful.
I said several times in my thread, money and success are not the same thing!
It is a lie. Look any succesful person. They are not succesful because they are making money, they make money because they are successul, they have the passion.
Scammers make money so you say they are successful?
What is the definition of success?
Are we compeletly 3D materials that eats money?

I am not making money but I am successful because I am creating value. Helping others. Inspiring.
I am successful because I know I will make money. Because I do not fear or stress.
And I am sure I will make money more than many people here because of these values.

Yes my family is supporting me. And they are proud of me. They want me to have a job but they are also ok with my entrepreneurship.
Yes I am mystic. There are many heart centered successful entreprenurs/marketers out there. Being materialistic does not guarantee any one riches.
Also if you think I am someone just talking or some lazy guy.
I am not.
I do not like to talk about myself because I do not like to brag but for clarity.
I have a masters degree on CS.
I have worked for an international company which produces information systems for industrial vehicles. Again I have proof. Pm me if you need.
So I can say I am not the lazy.
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