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Buying a New Domain That Won't Index

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Posted 21st February 2010 at 08:13 AM by bgmacaw

I covered this as part of a longer article on .info domains on my blog but I thought I'd do a little more explanation of it here since this question comes up on Warrior Forum from time to time.

One problem you can encounter when you buy what you think is a new domain is getting it indexed in Google. Sometimes a new domain will be indexed within a day or even hours. However, occasionally you'll buy a new domain that just won't index, even with good links and after several weeks have passed. Why is this?

Often the reason is that the domain in question is still being penalized by Google even after the domain has been dropped by the previous owner and then deleted from the registration database. Domains get deindexed for a variety of reasons but the ones that seem to draw this long lasting deindexing penalty are ones that were used as a gateway page or a thin affiliate site, aka "Made for Adsense" or "Made for Affiliate" site.

How can you avoid buying one of these tainted domains?

When you're considering a domain purchase, go first to Domain Tools Whois and enter your new domain. It will tell you that "Domain or IP Address Not Found", as it should, but then click on the registration tab. There you'll see a list of .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us domains that have been registered using the name you selected. If you see "deleted and available again" for your domain extension, this is a red flag. Either don't buy that domain or go over to the WayBack Machine and do some further research. Sometimes nothing will show up but sometimes you'll discover that the domain you want had a spammy past. In that case, it's best to select a different domain.

If you've already purchased one, if you're willing to wait and continue to get new, higher quality, links to your site, there is a chance that your domain might get reindexed automatically. I've had this happen with a few domains my domains that were under a cloud like this. However, other's have remained deindexed in spite of my best efforts. At that point, there are two choices. First, requesting reinclusion from Google Webmaster Tools. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work either, even if you have good content and good links. Sometimes they just seem to refuse to really review the domain for whatever reason. Your other choice is to forget about the domain, set it not to auto-renew and move on to greener pastures.
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