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Offline Consulting Websites Used as a "Tool" VS a Destination

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Posted 22nd January 2009 at 04:31 PM by Chris Endres

Hey Warriors and Friends

I wanted to just describe the approach I think makes sense in moving forward with your offline consulting business.

The biggest challenge I saw people talking about in the Cash Cow thread was the "How To" and "Credibility" issue.

I know so much really valuable information was discussed there, but I wanted to share my angle on it.

I believe it is important to teach the client rather than approach it like a sale.

I ask a new client a simple question. "Are you getting everything you were hoping for out of the internet?"

I have had people say they have good things they like happening but no one has said yes. WHY?

Because not one of them can talk to their customer base in a day.

So, then I ask the next obvious question. "If you wanted to tell all of your customers in the city about a sale you were having tomorrow, how would you go about doing that?"

I have heard "The phone" and "put it on my website" but they plainly understand that they can't do it.

So then I ask, "Would you like to be able to communicate with all your customers as often as you like in under an hour?"

The answer is always yes.

I give them my business card and ask them to go visit the website on it and opt-in to the email newsletter and say if they do that I will set up a short 15 minute free consultation where they can learn how to communicate with all of the customers they have, and that I even offer a 15 day free trial.

I say it's been great to meet you and I get a card if they have one and leave.

I take notes of who I visit and move on to the next person.

teaching the people seems to work better than trying to convince them so the website I set up just walks them through what direct response email marketing is and how they can benefit from it.

The site itself and the emails the client gets do all the selling so I don't have to.

This approach works for me and if you think like I do it mught be useful to you too

Either way I hope you find great success with offline consulting


Chris Endres
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    clawHAMMER's Avatar
    Good post Chris!

    I like your approach much better than the selling mideset when conversing with a sm biz owner.

    Especially when cold-calling, I feel like it's an intrusion on the business owner's day trying to make small talk with an underlying mission to eventually sell him on my services.

    Your way you let your website do it for you instead.

    What is your closing ratio this way? Are you getting sign-ups and clients with this method? Do you have a link to your "subliminal selling" site I can visit?

    Good ideas you have Chris.

    Keep on keeping on,

    Posted 22nd January 2009 at 06:54 PM by clawHAMMER clawHAMMER is offline
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    luane's Avatar
    Man, I just LOVE this!!! And you are right! People respond much better to "let me help you" than "buy from me!"
    Simple and ingenious!
    Posted 12th May 2011 at 02:38 PM by luane luane is offline

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