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Moving a website with minimum interuption - Something you can do with DNS stuff

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Posted 15th June 2010 at 01:35 AM by Citigo Sales
Updated 15th June 2010 at 01:52 AM by Citigo Sales (gramma mistake again)

A common and easy way to move your website to a new host is to change the DNS records attached to the domain. Unfortunately, it is a slow process. In my experience, your domain without www will be updated first, then lately the www one. The frustration come when users complain about losing their post, not being a member even though they already registered, etc., and you just seat there and can not do a thing about it. The confusion come from that visitors are being switched between the two servers, and possible you too. It might take up to 24hours and sometime even more to get your new information updated in the world DNS system. Yes, there is a better way.

Each domain, for example, will have two DNS records, for example and These DNS are registered at Domain Control Panel (Contact your domain provider), and stand for two IP addresses, e.g.:,, means the DNS server at those IP addresses will be responsible for any request to your domain.

At the DNS server, there are records of different type such as A, C, MX pointed to different IP addresses and will determine which IP will response for a web request, which one will response for your email, etc.

When you change your host by changing DNS at domain level, it will be slow . An alternative would be using a DNS service provider. To use an intermediate DNS service, the domain must either use DNS of the DNS service provider or configure custom DNS with DNS service provider‘s IPs. Then through the control panel of the DNS service provider, a website owner can point a domain to the expected IP, which can be effect within 15 minutes (depend on caching on client machine). Beyond that basic DNS function, a DNS service provider can also provide DNS failover service. The service will automatically detect if a server is not active and switch user to the alternative server. Popular DNS service providers are,,, which provide both free service and managed service with general price from $30 yearly.
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