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How to dominate Google in YOUR local market Like I did for Maryland Internet Advertising
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Google Local Business Listings

Submit "Google Local Business Listings" to Facebook
Posted 13th September 2009 at 06:51 PM by David

Local Business Listings

Regional Google Search Results
As important as being represented in the organic search results is for a small business it's equally important, if not more important to have your company ranked prominently in Google's Local Business Listings.

The algorithm that determines who gets to be #1 in the organic serps is different than the one that runs Local Business Listings for Google.

To improve your brick n mortar store listing follow these steps:
  1. Photos, as many as Google allows
  2. use the entire space alloted for description
  3. Youtube videos, any video is better than no video
  4. REVIEWS, get people to leave a review

Also... here's a secret:
Google uses other review sites to help it determine who should rise in rank and who should fall

Make sure your business is listed here:

Now, and this is important... add your business with one email address.

Do not spam those review places from your email address. Get your satisfied customers to leave a glowing review, BUT NOT FROM YOUR IP address.

make sure you never, ever logged into what ever computer is leaving the review of your company. Make sure what ever computer that is you never logged into your google account or gmail account.

Make sure your fingerprints are not on that computer!

It can be difficult to get your existing customers to jump through so many hoops. If it was easy, every one would be doing this.

They are, but their "votes" are being devalued.

What you want is for the reviewer to be reviewing from an existing email account, preferably a gmail one, with a google profile.

If that reviewer just opened up a gmail account 5 minutes before leaving your review... and never used the email account ever again.

... don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what's goin on there.

Every possible method of cheating or gaming Google's system has been tried already... in the 20 minutes it took me to post to this blog.

I'm starting a Do-It-Yourself SEO series on my main website:

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(no I'm not British, I just always wanted to say that cause it sounds so cool)
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    update: ditch the part about listings improving your Google Places ranking... still applys though
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