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Articles and guides on how to create a wordpress blog or website and tips to make money from it
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How to start a wordpress successful blog in 2017

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Posted 10th January 2016 at 04:01 AM by Gabbarsingh
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What blog platform to choose
The first question is always what blog platform should I choose . Deciding to start a blog comes with a lot of decisions to make. One such decision: What’s the best blogging platform should I use? There is wordpress self hosted and free , joomla , drupal, tumblr typepad which is a mix of free and paid software.

These platforms all have positives and negatives, especially when you take into consideration your level of skills as a blogger and as a coder.
I suggest to you that you get a self hosted wordpress blog right from the start to save you trouble moving your blog in the future and also have full freedom over your blog as compared to free services .The hosting for this is also quite reasonable starting from $1.95 a month to $20month.

You can check out a detailed comparison over here

if you want to read more specifically on bluehost hosting you can read this blog post over here

These are some of the questions you would possibly go through while starting a blog
• What do you need to build a blog
• How much does it cost to create a website
• How easy it is to create a blog
• Quick Steps for building your blog
• How to start a self-hosted blog with bluehost
• Tips on buying domain name for your website
• Making your blog good looking and professional
• Ways to make money with your blog

Learning how to build an online store from scratch can be a daunting task. We know how it feels as we were once in your shoes just a few short years ago. The majority of Internet users, assume that maintaining an online store is cheaper than a traditional retail space, resulting in expectations for significantly lower selling prices. While this assessment does not always match the reality, there are numerous products available on the Internet at significantly lower prices.

Get started – this is the key to gaining momentum, achieving small (yet meaningful) victories, and eventually success.

Ecommerce is one the new solutions and money making trends right now and maybe you are not looking to start a website , but jut looking to start an online shop.

You can compare ecommerce platforms over here –

Wether you start a blog or a business website or a ecommerce website check out the links and I am sure you will learn something out of it .

Get in touch with me if you have any more questions
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