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Reinventing Yourself for Internet Success

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Posted 5th April 2012 at 10:16 PM by GT

Reinventing Yourself for Internet Success

We are living in a world of constant, rapid transition and if you are having trouble keeping up, then maybe it’s time for you to think about reinventing yourself for both personal and Internet Marketing success.

We sometimes get trapped into old habits and patterns that may have worked at one time, but have since become outdated. We hang on to them, not wanting to admit that the change that is called for must come from within. If we are to make any progress, we must face facts, find solutions and effect the necessary changes.

Look at it from the perspective of Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish novelist and poet, who said, “Wherever we are, it is but a stage on the way to somewhere else, and whatever we do, however well we do it, it is only preparation to do something that shall be different.”

I appreciate Stevenson’s wise words, and the way I personally look at it, I am always on the road to something better. Every step, every mile is taking me closer to my ultimate goal. Everything I do today informs me, educates me and strengthens me for tomorrow’s portion of the journey.

Part of that education involves getting a better grasp of where the weak links in my efforts are and what to do about them. That is where reinventing yourself comes in.

The first step is to look to the future and create a clear vision of your ideal personality, your ideal work or career environment and your ideal lifestyle.

Next, take an honest inventory of your skills, talents and abilities. I say honest, because most people tend to undervalue or underestimate their potential. Brian Tracy says, “You could not use your full potential if you had one hundred lifetimes.”

If you are uncertain about your talents, then for the time being just accept the fact that whatever your talents may be, you do have great potential and with the right motivation, it can be tapped into with awesome results.

The next part of reinvention involves taking an intimate look at who you are and where you have come from. You must examine your past experiences in detail and determine what you have done well and enjoyed most.

Once you have a clear idea of what your interests are, what your abilities may be, what your potential for development is and what your desire for the future is, then you will be able to develop a realistic plan for reinventing yourself.

This will involve a number of factors, which could include developing some new skills or improving some existing ones, identifying and replacing or refocusing some of your self-limiting beliefs, learning and applying some specific behaviours proven to produce above average results, and sharpening your ability to focus, concentrate and become exceptionally productive in all you do.

The whole idea is to regain complete confidence and control of your life, your business and your future. The potential IS in you to do this. Believe it. But you first have to desire it and then commit to the process.

When you work on personal development, reinventing yourself for Internet Marketing success comes along part and parcel with the package. Read my recent blog post, Reinventing Your Life on Your Quest for Success, for a few more of my thoughts on the topic. The future is yours – Go for it!

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For more on this topic, read my blog post, Reinventing Your Life on Your Quest for Success

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