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7 ways to get creatively vlogging

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Posted 19th January 2009 at 04:07 PM by guyster

Now, I know that some of you out there feel slightly apprehensive when it comes to putting your videos on your blog. Hey! I as hell sure was, and still am to be honest with you. Forget the part about getting to grips with the camera, editing and the rest of the techinal aspects of vlogging.

Its having to come up with interesting enough ideas which will make it stand out from the rest of the thousands of vids which go online on a daily basis.

How on earth are we to compete against the hordes of vids out there when some of us feel that we have no talent, experience or the courage to face the camera or the audience?

Well, first thing you have to remember is you should just be yourself when on camera. It will take some practice to get used to seeing your mug on screen but with time and experience your confidence will improve. So stick with it.

Okay, so now that we've built confidence how are we to come up with exciting ways that will feel fresh, original and exciting for our audience out there?

So, I've been giving it a little thought and decided to share with you some ideas, 7 ideas in fact, which I think are good ways of getting your creative juices flowing to getting your vids onto the blogosphere.

I know that some of these ideas will come across as completely ridiculous and crazy to some of you but stick with me here because its worth trying them out, trust me ;-) Some of the ways to get unblocked is to loose our inhibitions and stop worrying about being right.
We all get mental blocks and what We need to do is get them unblocked.

So here goes with the 7 steps:

1. Go out for a walk - Clear your mind. Go out and get into a different environment in order to get inspired creatively. I would suggest you take a walk where you haven't been before (a highway is a good choice, but just be careful).
2. Take a shower - I find that water, yes water, splashing, running, cascading down your bode is a great way for getting ideas. Some of you can even try singing in the shower.

3. Do some sort of physical activity to get the circulation going, whether its rolling down a hill. Skipping a rope. Playing hopscotch. Doing cartwheels. Riding a bike etc. Anything to get that blood of yours circulating.

4. Meditate - I wont go into to much detail here because there are myriad of ways to meditate and I guess its up to you to find your favourite way. This will enable you to clear your mind from all the clutter and junk you've got up there in your head and allow some room for creativity to breathe.

5. Children - Yes, children are great for asking questions. Try it, if you have a kids tell them your problem and listen to what their solution might be. You just might be surprised with what answers they come up with.

6. Just before you fall asleep - and as you rest your head on that pillow your mind slows down and is just about to give over to the subconscious. This is when plenty of ideas tend to come flooding in. I suggest you have a notepad and pen near by or even a dictaphone (even better) to record your thoughts and ideas.

And last but not least - my favourite:

7. Music - try this. Lock the door to your room, put on your favourite CD, and start dancing. But really dance and let go. Go wild! you will be surprised at how different you will feel.

so there you have my top 7 ideas on how to get creatively vlogging.
And one other thing to bare in mind, that when you do your vlogs try not to be right, or do it right, because you'll just end up being boring. So don't look for perfection, just do your thing and accept that it wont be perfect.

So don't be afraid of silly ideas. The comedian John Cleese put it rather more eloquently when he said 'high creativity is responding to situations without critical thought' (playfulness) - and look where that got him ;-)

If you can think of any other ways to get the creative juices flowing please let me know so that we can share with the rest of you out there who are looking to get vlogging.


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