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Full Social Post Pilot Review By Hanif Quentino

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Posted 2nd March 2015 at 03:59 PM by HanifQ

Social Post Pilot is a brand new Facebook Management tool that can help users save time through a variety of features (auto-posting, etc.)...

But does it deliver on its promise to increase your traffic and customer reach?

Read my Full Social Post Pilot Review Here:

==> UNCUT Social Post Pilot Review & Exclusive Bonus Strategies

Below are some helpful ways marketers can benefit from frequent Facebook posts:

Reasons That Facebook Marketers Love Automated Posting Software

Software is one of the easiest ways to eliminate a lot of the tedious tasks involved with marketing on the web. It is very difficult for people to keep up with all of the content that needs to be posted on a regular basis to the many different websites that they may own, which makes automated posting software very necessary. It is possible to hire virtual assistants that can do the same thing, but it can be much more costly. If you really want to improve your income this year selling your products and services, using Facebook with automated posting software is definitely the way to go.

There are two specific reasons that this type of posting software works so well with a social media platform like Facebook. First of all, there is no need to worry about the content that you need to write. It simply finds content that already exist on other Facebook pages, and then it schedules it to post on a regular basis. This can then be shared by people that are already following you, making it very easy for you to find the content that you need. The second reason is that automated software for Facebook does not have to be highly technical. It simply needs to be able to use keywords to search for the content that you need, post the content in regular intervals, and make sure that your link to your products is visible so that people can see what it is that you have to offer.

For those that are serious about improving their income this year for whatever business they happen to be in, you can tackle virtually any niche that you want by using this type of software. You should certainly look into finding a software solution where you can start posting social media content today. Once you start, you will wonder why you never used this viable solution for generating qualified traffic that will be interested in what your company or business has to sell online.

Why Social Marketers Love Using Video To Generate High Conversions Online

When Google purchased YouTube years ago for over $1 billion, it was because of one thing they understood. People love to watch videos more than they like to look at content, something that is still evident today. Social marketers using Facebook and Twitter can share videos freely, generating quite a bit of traffic to the links that are associated with each video they share. There is a reason why this works so well, especially within a social media setting, reasons that we will discuss next.

Videos are used for social marketing for three specific reasons. First of all, people love to watch videos. Viral videos sometimes get millions of views in the span of a few days, and when they are placed on social media websites, they can generate views very quickly due to viral sharing. The second reason the videos are great for social marketing is that a presells what the person is trying to market online. When people watch a video, and they like the content, they will be motivated to click on the link to see what else the product or service has to offer. The final reason that videos work so well is because they are much easier to create than content that you would have to write on your own. It can also cost a substantial amount of money to pay someone to write the content for you, making video marketing very economical, even if you are using something as simple as a cell phone.

Try Video Marketing With Social Media Today
Social media marketing is the wave of the future, the interconnectivity that will continue to grow as more and more people joined social media sites. Although searching for content on Google and other search engines is still relevant, more marketers than ever before are taking advantage of what social media can provide due to the viral nature of sharing content on the web. You should try video marketing today with social media and start to see the power of video and viral sharing to help you sell your products and services.

Top Reasons Why Marketers Need To Focus On Increasing Their On-page Conversions

Do you know that what you have on the page matters more to your customers than what is on pages outside your website? Do you also know that marketers (online) who focus on conversions do more on-page optimization than off-page? If you have been struggling with driving conversions on-page, the following are some of the things you should consider.

The only efficient way to drive on-page conversions on-page is getting more people to take action with proper call to actions. Research has shown that websites with the right calls to action tend to convert better than those which don't. At the end of the day, why are you bringing people to your web page? To get their email? Let them know you want them to sign up.

Research on most Google Analytics reports shows that nearly 70% of the people who come to your website from the search engines will never come back. If you drive 10k uniques a month, you have more than 70k people who will never come back to your websites.

Opt-ins drive average conversions by more than 40%; think about how many emails you'd collect with these numbers. No, think about the people you'd be bringing back to your website after they left? It is well worth it.

If you want to drive on-page conversions, your design is very important. How do your buttons look like? And your colors? Do you think the colors work for your customers. I know that black isn't so good with driving conversions for demographics in India, what alternatives can I think off?

In conclusion, on-page elements affect your conversions. It is a no-brainer. We hope that the tips we have provided above will help you become a better online marketer.

==> UNCUT Social Post Pilot Review & Exclusive Bonus Strategies
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