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How To Build A Relationship With Your Leads

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Posted 17th August 2009 at 05:41 PM by itpro007ca

n my previous article I talked about “How To Have Endless Business Leads -Everyday.”

I explained about the difference between most people’s marketing and attraction marketing.I also explained the right way to get traffic and build leads.If you missed that article,you may wish to read it first.

Now you’ve got some leads,how do you build a relationship with them?

To put it another way: Do you buy from or do business with places and people you don’t know,or from places and people you do know -and have had good reports about?


It’s no different with Network and Internet Marketing.

Firstly,I should point out that having a photo of yourself on your website increases signups,because others can see what you look like and they can connect with you.Adding audio and video is even better.

Assuming you’ve done that,you have a list of say 500,or whatever,now you need to build a relationship with them.In business and particularly in Network and Internet Marketing,it’s called “Connecting.”

A lot of marketers are under the impression,for example,that the more friends you add to Facebook,the more signups you’ll get and to a certain extent that may be true,but you’ve still got to personally “connect” with those “friends.”Email them and say ‘hello’ then mention something the two of you have in common,then offer to help and sign off with your name,website address,blog address and contact info and go from there.

So….firstly,if you can,in your autoresponder,your emails could go out with your photo and bio included.

Secondly,if they gave a phone number,you can call them.They’re a “warm lead” now,so why not?

Thirdly,send them an email -with your signature included that includes your photo and contact info.This is what I do at one of my websites.

Fourthly,and very important: Have an account on Facebook,Myspace,Adlandpro,Direct Matches and some of the other personal and business oriented social networking sites.

Fifthly,have a blog,preferably a self-hosted blog.That means a wordpress(or other software ) blog hosted somewhere using its own domain name.

In my previous article,I talked about Attraction Marketing and how your goal should be to brand yourself(not your business) and present yourself as a leader with something of value to offer.

Your blog is one of the best places to do that,because:

* Your bio and photo are posted (connection)
* Your helpful articles are posted (connection) (value)
* They can leave a comment,and/or connect with you personally.(connection)
* Facebook,Twitter and other social networking link badges are on your blog(connection)
* Skype and other IM connections are listed (connection)

Your list has to get to know you,to learn to trust you and perceive that you are a leader and someone who can offer them something of value.

That means they have a problem,or problems and they signed up because your website offered something appealing whether a product(digital,or otherwise),an ebook,or access to some affiliate program,membership site,etc.

I also must add,that as an upline in any affiliate programs,or even if you just have a website selling some products,while a personal email is best,even an automated welcome email,thanking them for making a purchase with support info included is a step in the right direction,because they understand your organization may be to big for personal connections,but that email still shows them you and/or your organization cares.

I read an email once from the owner of TrafficWave who told a story of how marketers would join the ad coop and whereas one person would get referrals,then complain because they got ripped off,no referrals,etc,another praised the ad coop,because it worked so well.

What was the difference?I’ll bet you know the answer already!

The first person didn’t even bother to make personal connection with any of those referrals.Maybe they were struggling to get set ip,or even just wanted to feel valued and that somebody cared.After,no personal contact,for whatever reason,they eventually dropped out.

For the second person,though,it was an entirely different story: They contacted each of the referrals personally.Most likely,they welcomed them,thanked them for signing up,told them what a great program it was and how it had helped them,offered to help them get them set up,offered helpful advise as to where and how to advertise to begin getting results -the result is those referrals stayed.Somebody cared.

The Internet and technology can be a cold place.The well known book “Megatrends” whose author’s name escapes me at present called it “High Tech,High Touch.”People still need and want “a personal connection!”

So..even if your list is too big to “personally” contact every ‘lead’,at least make a ‘personal’ connection,in one,or all of the ways I described and you will not only increase your signup rate,you will also increase your retention rate.
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