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SEO Basics for Newbies

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Posted 8th March 2017 at 10:08 AM by johnny west

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a marketing strategy focused on growing visibility in search engine results, without paying for this visibility.

The purpose of SEO is to create a seamless experience for the user and communicate to search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches.

[U]What are search engines looking for?[/U]
By nature, search engines want to do their best at referring users to websites and content that is most relevant to what they are looking for.

[U]How do search engines determine which websites/content are relevant to a user?[/U]
Search engines look at the following features: content (theme, text, titles, descriptions), performance (speed and functionality), authority (links and references), and user experience (look, feel, navigation).

[U]What do search engines NOT want?[/U]
Search engines do not want keyword stuffing (the overuse of keywords on your pages), purchased links (will not help with SEO!), and poor user experience (too many ads, poor navigation, etc.)

[U]What is Your Business Model?[/U]
Ask yourself the following questions: What defines a conversion for you? Are you selling impressions or what people click on? What are your goals? Do you know your assets and liabilities?

[U]Multi-Channel Optimization[/U]
Don't forget to be consistent with your keyword phrases across all platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, and even offline.

[U]Domain Names[/U]
Your domain name is of the utmost importance! It's important that your domain names remain consistent, old domains are better than new ones so consider buying a used one, and be sure that an important keyword is included in your URL.

[U]Optimize for All Devices[/U]
While it is important to optimize for laptop/desktop, make sure to also focus on mobile and tablet optimization as well. To help with optimization across all devices, create rich media (videos) and optimize all of your non-text content (PDFs, Flash, etc.) so that the search engine can find it.

[U]Meta Data[/U]
All content on your site should have title tags and meta descriptions. Think of your title tag as a 4-8 word ad. Meta descriptions are short paragraphs inserted into the site's HTML that describes the content. Make sure that the title tags and meta descriptions are unique and compelling!

I hope this information is helpful for newbies to SEO. This is a very high level overview, but I hope to share additional information and tips in the future.

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