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Interesting WordPress RSS Feed Options

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Posted 28th December 2011 at 01:23 PM by kindsvater

There are two RSS feed options available in Wordpress. I have not seen this publicized before, but when testing out the Opera web browser I discovered it.

This is from WordPress 3.1.3 and under Settings, Reading, I have checked to include the full text in a feed.

First, there is a RSS feed that includes the entire text and contents of a post.

You see it at

Second, there is an RSS feed that only includes a snippet of the post. Apparently, there are two different RSS feed links you can choose from.

You can see how it looks different at

There are interesting things you can do with this information.

Obviously, you can choose which url to distribute to others depending on how much content you want them to see in the RSS feed.

But this also gives you potentially double the backlinks because there are two feeds you can submit to RSS distribution sites. Make sure you submit both!
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