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Does Amazon Pay Affiliate Commissions on PrimeNow Orders?

Posted 4th May 2016 at 12:36 PM by kindsvater (Warrior Blog)

Huh? Obviously, right? Amazon pays affiliate commissions on referrals. Why wouldn't a commission be paid if the customer chooses fast, same day service?

Check out this forum thread to get the facts.

Bottom line: Amazon is not paying its affiliates anything if a referral decides to use PrimeNow.

And in case you missed it ... Amazon has been all over the news about its new PrimeNow website and expected huge growth.

Stated another way: huge growth...
Brian Kindsvater
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When to Give out a Review Copy

Posted 7th February 2015 at 07:46 AM by kindsvater (Warrior Blog)

If you have ever sold a marketing product you have likely received requests for a review copy. Also known as a freebie.

When should you give out review copies?


If your product is new and you do not have any testimonials then you should strongly consider giving out a review copy.

You will want to evaluate who is asking. Some who ask for review copies only want a free product and will never provide a review. Dealing with...
Brian Kindsvater
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How to Reverse a Google Thin Site Penalty

Posted 27th January 2015 at 04:05 PM by kindsvater (Warrior Blog)

If you receive a "thin site" penalty from Google this means your website was reviewed and:

1. It is an affiliate site.

2. The reviewer did not see sufficient value.

This can be rough, as you may have spent a lot of time creating your content.

Keep this in mind: Google's internal website rater guidelines instruct that affiliate sites by default are to be considered spam, regardless of their content.

So what are we gonna do...
Brian Kindsvater
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Major Headache Solver: How to Structure Your Affiliate Links

Posted 25th January 2015 at 04:30 PM by kindsvater (Warrior Blog)

Here is an issue that bites virtually every new affiliate marketer: structuring affiliate links for easy changes.

Once you've hit by this you learn a quick lesson. It was recently mentioned to me by one of my Elf Links customers and it is a hidden benefit to using Elf Links.

Here's the Problem

You create a bunch of affiliate links on your website. Great! Until the merchant goes out of business, changes their links, you want to use a different merchant, you...
Brian Kindsvater
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Easy Money: Everyone Has it Backwards

Posted 20th January 2015 at 10:35 AM by kindsvater (Warrior Blog)

I just saw this on the Warrior Forum, for the umpteenth zillionth time, being regurgitated without any thought, about how to make easy money:

1. Start a blog
2. Collect email addresses
3. Find products to promote as an affiliate

I'll guess 99%+ of Warrior Forum members doing this are making squat.

No one mentions flipping this on its head, where the real money is made - being the product seller.

1. Create a product
Brian Kindsvater
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