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Quit Bitching About the Forum

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Posted 6th April 2015 at 10:49 PM by kindsvater

Folks - quit bitching and start making money.

Good gosh. For the last year there has been thread after thread complaining about the forum and how it isn't the same since Allen sold it.

Guess what? Allen hadn't been active for years. Sure, Freelancer could learn a thing or two (or three or four) about running a forum, but why let Freelancer dictate your business?

None of the changes that have been made should seriously affect you.

Then there are the threads about the flood of newbies who are asking the same questions.

Good golly, that has been a problem for a decade. Every year someone is complaining about the newbies and the "old timers" from a year ago have left.

Fact is there is a steady stream through the forum. Most of the forum is newbies. Call it newbie churn. They think it is easy to put up a web page and make money with no barrier to entry on the net, then find out it is not so simple and easy, and they move on.

Yes, the discussion has deteriorated in some areas, such as the main forum and the SEO subforum which come to mind. More spam, more foreign gibberish, and low quality of posts and responses. It could be a moderation issue that will eventually work its way out as the new moderators gain experience.

But there have always been plenty of garbage posts to wade through.

If you look around the web comparing forums there is no question the WF remains head and shoulders above many forums. There is also no question the level of discussion in some forums is head and shoulders above the WF.

Nothing new there. No forum is going to be the best at everything.

At the end of the day you get out of the forum what you put into it, or what gold nuggets you can extract for your personal use.

Just do it.

Or move on. If the discussion isn't what you want find a better place. Or create your own forum. Just don't complain about this forum unless you are providing quality posts to try and make it better.

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