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The Law of Tenfold Return

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Posted 31st March 2017 at 01:40 PM by Mark-Dickenson

So a while back, I came across a book
called The Law of Tenfold return.

I tend to be a curious fella so with a title
like that, it definitely caught my attn.

I would say the book is in the same genre as Law of Attraction.

Anyways, what the book says is that when
you give away money, you can expect that
money to circulate back to you at a tenfold
return or better.

Now, I understand a lot of people might
raise an eyebrow at this...and that's fine.
It's not for everybody.

But one thing wealthy people seem to understand,
at least on a subconscious level, that the more
money they give away, they attract.

I have been doing this(giving anonymously) since about October 2014
and in my experience it works. Every single time.

What I like to do is take a $5 bill
and place a sticky note on it saying
"I hope this brightens your day"

And I will place it under "poor people food" at the store
such as peanut butter or under some diapers.

I got this last tip from a kindle book
called Happy Money(the one with the green cover)

And it works really well in this biz because I'll
have money come out of nowhere. Products I haven't
promoted in months will get sales.

It has happened way too often to call it a coincidence
so I freely give the money away knowing without a doubt
it will circulate back to me tenfold or better.

I believe the reason this works is because it automatically
produces the feeling of wealth that affirmations and such can't provide.

When you give, you are automatically telling yourself
and your subconscious mind that you have plenty.

And the more you do that, the more this
message resonates throughout your being.

Try it. It works.

And on that note, If you would like an Evergreen Niche system
that comes with plenty of support in the members area go here:

=>The Evergreen Niche System

Let me know if you have any questions.

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