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Tips For Seeing A Project Through

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Posted 31st August 2016 at 05:02 PM by Mark Y

From the day I decided to try making money online, well, I proceeded to drift for months. I put this down to being stuck on a very steep learning curve just trying to soak in everything I could and not know exactly how to make money, what method to use, or even what methods their were.

There's no doubt it's a long and slow process to go from zero knowledge to actually making that first dollar with a proper, scaleable online business. And from what I understand, sadly many never make that first dollar at all.

Eventually though I managed to focus, laser-targeted my niche, and my method of making money in that niche. So if you find yourself drifting or unsure, here's a few tips that helped me along the way...
  1. Use a method that resonates with you - I'm not talking about your niche here, I talking about what method of making money online appeals to you most. Personally I started out with affiliate marketing, and to be honest affiliate marketing on its own made me want to cut myself. I hated it. With more research however I realised that I could create my own products, be it ebooks, audio products or video products. And that's what I did... creating my own website with a video tutorial course locked up behind a membership area. I created my own digital product and never looked back. In short, figure out what method resonates with you the most and see what opportunities come from it.
  2. Niche it down - choose a broad niche you have an interest in and then narrow it down a couple of times. If you enjoy cooking, narrow it down to 'desserts' for example, then narrow it down again to 'complete beginners'. Aim your preferred method of making money online at that particular sub-niche and you're away!
  3. Set aside some time each day - make it a habit of working on your online business at least a little each and every day. Of course some days this will be impossible but aim to almost ritually set aside at least half an hour 5-6 days a week (at minimum) and work on your business. I guarantee you you'll start to feel greater motivation as you see yourself making progress, even if you've not make a cent yet.

This is the process I followed, identifying a method that motivated me along with a niche that motivated me, and with at least a little achieved almost every day very quickly everything started to fall into place.

After about three to four months of drifting I'd finally figured out where I was going and how I was going to do it, and six months later I launched my product and the money started to hit the bank account.

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