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Be careful about what you associate yourself with

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Posted 15th February 2017 at 10:40 AM by martbost

Tom Bonner, 35, the weatherman, who has been with KARK-TV in Little Rock, Ark., for 11 years, remembers the time a burly farmer from Lonoke, with too much to drink, walked up to him in a bar, poked a finger in his chest and said: Youre the one that sent that tornado and tore my house up Im going to take your head off.

Funny, that, right?

How people, who obviously should know better, still associate bad weather, with the person giving the weather updates.

That association is very strong in our society.

Think of all the sports fans who feel inferior to rival fans when their team loses a game? As if that loss, is a reflection on them, personally.

Thats the power of association.

Even a famous actor playing a Doctor in a T.Vee ad will get more of a positive response, than a real Doctor.

Remember Ivan Pavlov?

His dogs salivated every time he rang a bell, because they associated that sound with food.

This association thing is everywhere.

What has this got to do with MY marketing?

Well, just about everything is all.

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