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This blog is to sort ideas I have, things I've tested and simple tips everyone should know about for free.
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$6K The First Month Doing This 3−Step List Building Method…

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Posted 16th September 2013 at 07:53 PM by Mike Hill

$6K The First Month Doing This 3Step List Building Method…
Plus, how to create hot selling reports in 10 hours or less and build a buyers list

Here I am sitting in the comfort of my own home, it’s 5:09pm (17:09 for all you military types) and as I’m writing this Special Report I just now made another $197 for the day.

Not too bad considering it’s a Saturday in the middle of summer, which is arguably the slowest months of the year for internet marketers.

I’ve always been addicted to email marketing because it made the most sense to me when I first got started, over 7 years ago.

The reason it made the most sense to me (and still does) is because you are building an asset that is worth cash money to you and your business. Trouble is not too many people treat this as a business.

Anyway, you most likely already know this but I’m going to say it for everyone else’s benefit here… Selling to your existing list is much more cost effective and profitable than trying to acquire new customers.

Of course you will always be acquiring new leads and putting them on your list but you will have your marketing setup to sell to your list and turn them into buyers, thus pushing them onto your buyers list.

It really is that simple… and yes “simple” still works – it will always work because people are addicted to communicating. And now even more so with the introduction of the smart phone a number of years ago.

If you think about it, we are still in the infancy of technology and this is your opportunity to take advantage of that because a lot of other people think this stuff doesn’t work anymore, even though it does.

Trouble is they don’t look at it as a business and that’s why they fail. Trying one thing for a few weeks and then giving up is not what a real Entrepreneur does and yet that’s what 95% of all so called online marketers do.

According to the latest Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report, email remains unbeaten, with a Return On Investment (ROI) still almost $41 for every $1 dollar spent on advertising.

It has maintained its dominant position in relation to other internet channels which remain far behind in their ROI results:

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