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Is stumbling onto a winning formula luck?

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Posted 11th October 2014 at 08:13 AM by Oziboomer

If you've ever tried selling anything online you will understand the experience and emotions that you go through with creating your product, brand and website.

The enthusiasm that your big idea will get off the ground and start to grow quickly into the next success story.

The question I "Is stumbling onto something successful just luck or is it really a result of planning for success?"

My question has some basis as I've run an offline business since 1991 and had interests online since 1995.

My first experience online was getting ripped of by a web design/hosting company called Pronet who were designing my business a website for some ridiculous amount like $14K.

Anyway I was wary so I backed up their work and when they hadn't delivered a fully functional site in like 3 months and they were demanding more progress payments I started to get very suspicious. Shortly afterwards the company folded and I lost $4.5 K.

That's when I decided to learn html and using the backups I'd made combined with stuff I'd learnt I created my own company website in like 1996.

The Nineties and even the 2000's were still a time of yellow pages in regards to advertising for business so we sort of cruised along and really only used the web for a bit of browsing and share trading.

Yeah...made some money day trading and lost plenty through various crashes...the managed funds I had lost even more than I did because of the exit fees etc. forward to 2014.

Still have offline business that supports me.

Have like 15 or so online businesses that add various amounts of income to the mix but one of those online businesses started with a bang. It sold $1000 of my own products on like day one with only $30 of adwords expenditure.

That was 3 years ago.

Now the online business- businesses run at like $10K revenue per week but the standout performer is the one that started hot and just went on from there.

Was that luck?

It is not an IM business but one that sells physical products in a pretty small niche.

It seems like I've been trying to emulate the success of that one winner ever since.

Even though I run around 150 websites, get paid good consulting fees by other offline businesses I just feel the big success was a bit lucky.

Sure...I did the research and created the product and the brand in a really competitive market but I still get the feeling it was timing, luck, the planets were aligned etc....

Has anyone else had that experience or thought?

I've made a few digital products and new physical ones that sell well online but I still feel somewhat un-fulfilled in the online sense.

The next move for me is to start sharing some of the success even though I kinda feel lucky for getting the results I've had rather than having world hard for them.

Don't get me wrong I work pretty hard running a company with 8 employees in a very competitive market and also do the internet suff on the side.

I'm hoping my next bit of luck will be launching some of the concepts that have helped me get the success I've had and sharing those secrets with others who are still tying to find their winning formula.

Anyway, I hope you can share your experiences in regards to landing a lucky job, coming p with a winning product or just the insights you have in relation to being successful in general.
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