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How to Automate Ecourse sending using an Autoresponder?

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Posted 31st July 2011 at 09:50 PM by radhika

What is an ecourse?

Ecourse is an 'electronic course' received as a series of emails by subscribers.

Usually it will be focused on a single topic and the whole content in the ecourse is divided into short snippets. Each snippet goes in one email and goes at set inteval by the email marketer. Ex: You can send an ecourse named 'How to Optimize Your web site for Search engines in 7 days'. You can write the whole content under different subheadings like 'Your Title and Meta keywords', 'Six Internal linking strategies', 'Secrets of External linking strategies' etc. You send each subtopic in one email.

You can send the whole ecourse in seven days or ten days or the time that suits your marketing. But remember don't keep much gap between the messages. Messages every 2 - 3 days works better than messages every 7 days as the subscriber keeps forgetting about the content in previous emails.

How to automate the ecourse sending?

In forums webmasters ask on how to send ecourse using cpanel autoresponders. Cpanel autoresponders are single time emails. If anybody send an email to an email address, cpanel sends back an autoreply with the content you saved. That is it! You can not send a series of messages using cpanel autoresponders.

But if your intention is to send the whole ecourse in one time, then cpanel autoresponders will work for you. Just load the whole ecourse in one autoreply or create an ebook from the ecourse and attach it to the autoreply message.

What if you want to send the ecourse as a series of messages at specified interval?

For this you need a software called follow up autoresponder. You can buy your own and install it on your site or you can opt-in into any autoresponder service by third parties.

Steps to follow: Once you have your autoresponder set up, upload each subtopic of the ecourse into each email. Use the subtopic heading as your email subject line. Save the messages with the specified time inteval between them. Once you set up these messages, copy and paste the subscription form code on your site.

For the messages to go at specified interval, you need to set up cron jobs in your cpanel. When cron runs, your autoresponder sends these messages to the subscribers.

So to automate ecoure sending, you need a functioning follow up autoresponder with the ecourse messages loaded at specified interval. Ofcourse a subscription form on your web site for your visitors to subscribe!

Just a little tip before ending ... Don't forget to keep an unsubscribe link in your ecourse emails. You don't want your subscribers to complain on you to your host that you are spamming him.

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