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Running with the Wind!

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Posted 7th September 2011 at 08:29 AM by RAGolko

I've finally learned how to walk... one step at a time. My nose is much less sore. Well, I took many, many steps, stumbled, fell, got up, stumbled, continued, stepped on my own feet, tripped over bull**** and finally here I am! Ready to run and slip! At least I keep going in the right direction -- forward!

I'm releasing my first WSO in 2 weeks time. Lots of people spend several weeks on their WSO but not me... I've spent nearly a year on it. So it's big. 3 GB big. All for an opening price of $27 but now I'm getting ahead of the slick sales page!

It's called Mind Numbing Profits -- The Octopus Marketing Attack. It contains 8+ time tested, proven strategies that have made thousands... millions! This is an all-out assault plan to drive insane amounts of traffic to your offer, combining the best strategies to produce a synergy of traffic.

Some of that is obviously sales copy, But I'll use plain-speak here. It's everything I've learned over the past year, with emphasis on evergreen strategies that have literally worked for thousands of the most successful online marketers.

I was tempted to put sales and profit figure on the sales copy, but you know what? What's the use? Just anyone who is successful at all online is using at least a few of these strategies. Nothing else works over the long-term.

Have a look out for Mind Numbing Profits: The Octopus Marketing Attack. You'll get way, way more than you bargained for. I've got the testimonies to prove it.

Thanks for readying.
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