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Of mice and men

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Posted 6th January 2011 at 09:27 AM by randalblanchette

Just a little rant here. Ya know when you are just starting off and things are all confusing because there are like a zillion products and ideas and bits of software etc etc etc ad nauseum. Then you buy into a program or buy a product and follow it to a T. But there is this one magic ingredient left out that forces you to either buy another product of give up in frustration. But before you go you have some questions for the product owner or maker. So you send them an email or post on their Facebook fan page and then wait....and wait...and wait. Then nothing. You follow up with another email, tweet and Facebook fan page comment asking for help. And wait...and wait...and still nothing.

Gods forbid that you get a straight answer on their outsources support page too. You spend days arguing that the product does not work as advertised. Finally in frustration you ask for your money back.

Then you try this again...and again...and again. Of course some could easily say the common denominator was me, but I don't buy that. If there is one thing that I know about me is that when I get my teeth into something I see it through and if the instructions are CLEAR, then I should see success. This is simply not the case with many systems out there.

The "guru" is often too big for his britches and can't spare the time himself to answer some questions about a product that he just sold you for 2 grand? His support people are at a loss about how to help you fix the crap they are suppose to know inside and out?

Gah! My kingdom for a complete product that works as advertised, that has CLEAR instructions even an ape could follow and that also happens to make money from anywhere!
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    Nile Vincent's Avatar
    Hey Max,
    Just a comment're so right!!!

    I've been watching, listening, and learning from this WF for awhile now...even in the War Room.
    And there's alot of decent folk here and a lot to absorb...
    And it's alright when you do connect with good products, good support etc...

    Yet when you don't, and you end up in the situations you describe above...well, it's not only annoying, it's really disrespectful!!

    After you're promised support, and then the waiting for it, well, that's what's a b* !
    And getting any straight answers seems impossible sometimes...

    Yes, complete products that actually work are rare...

    That's what I love about this forum tho...
    After awhile, you get a feel for 'offers'...and gradually learn to read between the lines...

    And the input from others on this forum really helps!
    Many a time, when I'm questioning an offer, I'll check feedback from here. And usually it's really good.

    All I do is get my refund, and continue the study and practice...

    Your 'rant' really hits the ball right out of the park...
    And to reiterate, YES, it does suck...

    So what do you do? Well, you do what you just did!
    And I do what I just did...and we share a frustration...

    And I'll bet My Kingdom that we're not alone...

    Posted 7th January 2011 at 01:09 AM by Nile Vincent Nile Vincent is offline

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