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Simple Sales Conversion Tricks

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Posted 3rd July 2016 at 04:53 AM by randomsoftwaregroup

There are two extremely important parts of a sales letter that will either make, or break your sales ratio.
The first section decides whether the prospect reads your letter, while the second will decide on whether or not he/she orders your product.
The two most important sections of all sales letters are the headline, and the close.
With a poor headline, your ship sinks before you even put it in the water.
Nobody will get past the first few sentences of your letter if the headline is constructed poorly.
Aside from that, you can have a brilliant headline, powerful emotion triggering benefits, but a poorly written close and fall flat on your face.
Now obviously all parts of a sales letter are important, but I’ve found that through testing, headlines and closing techniques take the cake.
They are the first and the last thing that your prospect sees.
Make It Easy for Your Visitor To Order

It amazes me how poorly constructed most ordering systems, or sales letter “closes” really are. I find that the majority of websites either have a horrible close, or an ordering system that flat out scares the customers away.
To get right down to the basics, the easiest way to increase orders is by giving your customers as many ways to order as possible, and making it extremely easy for them to order (these go hand in hand).
But on a side note, there are dozens of extremely powerful ways to increase orders via the close, or right on the order form.
Order Form Tweaks

Tweaking your order form can show an instant bump in sales using various techniques.
Here is one of my favorites…
Add an extra incentive right on the order form!
This is quite simple. No doubt you have seen order forms that include a testimonial right above the actual order form.
This gets the visitors excited, adds credibility to your name, and increases orders!
Take your best testimonial from your sales letter, and put it at the top of your order form.
This is an easy tactic that smart marketers use to increase orders!
On a side note, there are other incentives that you can add to your order form.
For instance, you can tell the visitor about your affiliate program right before they order as another incentive to purchase your product.
You can tell them that after they order, you will show them how they can promote your product and make a commission for each customer they refer.
Make sure to tell them that they only have to refer a certain amount of customers, and your product will be free.
“Make 3 sales and the product is free” is the type of incentive that you can display to instantly increase orders!
One more trick, add a bonus to the order form that is not stated on the sales letter.
If you have 3 free bonuses that you give away when somebody orders your product, then tell about 2 on your sales letter, and put one on your order form!
You can say something like…
“By ordering today via the form below, I will also throw in the ABC Special Report that shows you how to achieve XYZ benefit in 30 days or less”, etc..
This gives the visitors that extra “push” to go ahead and give your product a try.
It is simple and very effective.
Proven To Work

Try these techniques for yourself…
After all, they have been proven to work time after time.
Test them out on your sales or order pages and see what works for your site.
You’ll probably be surprised at the positive results you see…
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