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7 Ways To Beat Procrastination

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Posted 13th June 2014 at 01:24 PM by simonthewebguy

Here are some handy tips on how to avoid waiting time and towards getting more stuff done.

Look throughout theist of the biggest time drains and see if you're effected by some or all.

1. *Overproduction*

This manes creating too much of something or overcomplicating a simple process, often we look for the clever or fancy way rather than just keep it simple. It can be particularly relevant to creating something now and then only to find you did not treacly need it later.It can apply to a product or plan or pro cress always aim rot get rid of unnecessary steps and streamline as much as possible.

2. *Not having Everything to Hand*

How often have we all sat down to do something but then found , you need something else a pen ,book for reference , your phone, we then get up and search only to loose time in production.
This can also apply to meeting clients and travel when a phone call or Skype call would be sufficient to get the job done, or just to clarify before moving to next steps you can also use apps like a free whiteboard ( to share and collate data. This gives you more time to work smart.

3. *Waiting*

Have you ever considered how long we actually spend waiting in traffic , queuing in line, waiting on a call or email reply or a support ticket query? Having to stop and wait for something or someone can put a huge spanner in the works. It can be a major time drain looking for a piece of borrowed equipment or some clarification on information, you need to be firm with people to pin them down mentally to get the information you need in order to make continued progress. If they are not up to the job for whatever reason find someone else as just not worth the frustration.

4. *Distraction*

Being distracted from the task in hand come in many forms from the ring of the phone ,text, social media to the kids, partner needing your assistance. Try to block out a little you time even if only an hour it can make a huge difference get a “Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door, it may seem a little archaic but it works after all you trying to build something that will benefit the whole family. So try to limit the distractions social media is good but can be a killer so disconnect and get down to work don't feel compelled to answer every text email or phone call .For those who watched Dan Kennedy video here its area to's

5. *Searching*

Organising all your ducks in line is essential to getting more done, if you have to continuously search fro files, notes , passwords, reference then not only is it tedious but can turn into chaos.
Make sure your project folder or better yet a hardback journal has everything you need towards that particular task or plan. It's a key tool I use everyday and it deserves a post on it own as to its merit. Women are naturally more efficient at organising than men in most cases but not all, for sure.

6. *Over-processing*

Spending to much time on something is a common drain we all experienced at some stage, putting unnecessary details or steps in plan or paperwork. We have a tendency to overcomplicate things with the perception it has to be elaborate to work or look good. This is often non sense and a simple plan works better. So cut the deadwood from the cargo and try to keep it logically based rather than think of others looking at plan, all that matters if it work or not.

7. *Going off Half Cocked*

Sometimes we are so busy trying to get stuff done, that we don’t sit down and think it through sort of like scrambling up the ladder to find its against the wrong roof. Ten minutes planning properly can save hours in executing for example designing a spreadsheet but not knowing how to use the formula function so you have to use a calculator and manually work out instead.

Do a checklist of what you need to learn or have equipment wise to get the job done, who can help me to shorten the task time? John knows formula’s for example he could help do that step. Also if giving a presentation or brief test it out on unknown and see feedback as they will have different slant on it and give you some key points you may have assumed, people knew.

Finally be aware that “*A Broken Wheel Still Turns Faster, Than No Wheel At All*”

So the take home is to start and take action use these tips to help limit the drain of time wasting and to minimise procrastination - don't put if off until tomorrow )

Start Today as “Time Waits for No One - That’s One Thing You Can Be Sure Of ”

Hope this helps

kind regards
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