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Dedicated to teaching people how to create an online business.
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How To Create An Online Business - The Real Deal

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Posted 29th December 2008 at 07:03 PM by TLTheLiberator

From BL Saunders...

Let’s hop right to it shall we?

Wanna know how to create an online business? Keep reading!

Guess what?

Many have tried and 99% of them have failed.

But why???

If this is the beginning of a golden age for creating an online business then why are so many people failing to do so.

Let’s start with the reason why so many people are failing OK?

In my opinion the number one reason is that they have become victims of the absolute worst business model, online or off.

It’s hard to succeed when you want to create an online business when you’re starting in the wrong direction from the very start of the process.

That horrific net business model I speak of is the mlm or recruiting people model. It goes by many names but it basically works like this…

- You pay money to signup for some program in which you can only make money when you induce others do the same as you.

- If you signup for example, 3 people and those people simply signup 3 people and so forth through 4 or 5 levels…

…you’ll end up with a lot of people paying you a little bit of money

- But if you add up the payment through all the levels, it could be in the thousands of dollars.

- And here’s the kicker that sucks a lot of well meaning people in and one of the main reasons they won’t let go of their false hope for success.

- This income will be monthly residual income - meaning once you start receiving
it, you won’t have to continue working for it.

You are told that all you have to do is…

- Pay your way in:

- Advertise your special signup link at the business opportunity places on the net:

They may even tell you that you have your own website, more than likely, it's just a special link to their site.

By the way your name may appear on the site.

- You should get your 3 signups in a few weeks at the most:

- And so will the people that you signup because it's soooo easy for them to do the same as you:

- Within a couple/three months ( 6 months max ) you should be in for some serious monthly residual profit:

Naturely, all that sounds good on the surface right…

- There is no shortage of people that want to know how to create an online business right?

What the pushers of the deadliest online business model don’t tell their victims is…

- 90% of the people you’ll be advertising won’t be remotely interested in your offer because they are…

…trying to sell you their offer, which is probably another mlm type of program.

- So therefore your pool of prospects is reduced by a huge 90% as everyone is fighting over the 10% of biz oppers that…

…want to change from their losing mlm programs or are totally fresh newbies and haven’t found a mlm program to become a victim of yet.

How to Increase your chances to create an online business that works:

If you stay away for the mlm garbage you have won 97% of the battle because 99% of people that mess around…

…with mlm never make any money to speak of and…

98% of the people that are making money today with their online business are using the formula outlined below.

Let’s talk about how to create an online business that works and actually never fails - if approached in the correct manner:

Step #1: Niche Selection:

Select a niche or group of people with similar tastes etc. to marketing to. (as in to serve)

For example, the group may be made up of people interested in a particular type of car


Step #2: Product Selection:

Locate products and/or services for the people of the group or niche:

- You won’t have to create the products yourself, you’ll simply be a middle man between people who have the…

…product for sale and your prospects that are interested in products designed for the people of the group.

- You’ll be given a special affiliate links that will credit you for every sale you bring to the merchant.

Step #3: Presell Page Creation:

Slap up a free or paid for webpage, blogpage or some other type of page on the net with content that…

…revolves around the product or the group and their likes, dislikes and concerns:

This is called a presell/landing page and it’s purpose is to warm up your prospects and to get them into a buying mood.

Step #4 Traffic/Visitor Generation:

Get people to visit your landing page:

I won’t bother going into the numerous methods marketers are using today to get visitors to their offer…

…pages but this might be the most important step in learning how to create an online business - period.

Why? Because without visitors you’ll never make any money.

A visitor is much like a potential customer that walks into a store.

Step #5: Monitor Your Test!

Monitor the results of your test promotion and determine if you want to expand on the project or test another product etc.

Step #6: Rinse & Repeat:

Once you have a winning promotion you can expand on it for more traffic and profits and/or move on to your next product or group of people.

What you’ve just discovered was a very basic outline of a solid online business formula known as the Niche Affiliate Marketing Formula.


98% of people whom are making good money with their online business are using the Niche Affiliate Model.

That’s 98% and it’s not a number any wise person would simply dismiss out of hand.

You can click below for a free report with more details on this popular and productive net income model and a specially designed package of Niche Affiliate tools for newcomers and non-earners.

I hope this post has helped you!

My family & I sincerely wish you the best in 2009 & Beyond!


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