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Summary online business

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Posted 25th August 2009 at 03:53 AM by Vassago

I have been following the progress of three businesses who use blogs to promote online.

Sophia White aka Sapphire who uses Sapphire's SFI Blog to promote her Home Business via Internet Marketing.
As an Internet Marketer her business, by it's nature is totally online.
She leads with her primary opportunity the SFI Affiliate program.
I have introduced her to The Warriors and she now has her own Warrior Blog.

Jon Tees is a Network Marketer. He promotes his website Jon Tees.Net, which is his blog. Also an SFI Affiiliate, Jon uses his name and leads with products.
Jon's products are sold both online and offline and he advertises offline to customers.

Both Jon and Sophia are members and moderators at The Stork Internet Marketing Forum. Sophia is currently the administrator.

The Shiro Tora White Tiger Martial Arts Combat Academy is based in Caterham, South Croydon, South London, Surrey, UK.
By their nature they cannot sell products or services online. But they have found it necessary to keep a blog to advertise to prospective members:
Shiro Tora White Tiger Martial Arts Caterham

Shiro Tora uses a Martial Arts Forum and has a Journal there, similar to a Warrior Blog:
Shiro Tora's Martial Arts Journal

Their target demographic is far more specific, aimed at people looking for
Martial Arts in Caterham
Martial Arts in Croydon
Martial Arts in Surrey
Martial Arts in London
Martial Arts in South East UK.

It wouldn't do them much good to have people looking for a MA club in Australia to find their website so their promotion has to be much more targetted.

They also advertise at Martial Edge, a website dedicated to their demographic:

Sophia, on the other hand, does promote and recruit internationally. She is a truly an International Home Business Entrepreneur!

Jon Tees, of course, can recruit internationally, but shipping costs are prohibitive outside the US, so his sales demographic is a bit more targetted.

I'll be keeping a close eye on the progress of these three companies and posting the results so other can benefit from these kind of campaigns.

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