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The obscure, tedious, and often misunderstood writings by a little known man and his attempt to start an Internet Marketing business with his brother.

The motto of this blog is the same as the motto used by Voice of America in World War II:
The news may be good or bad for us (but) we will always tell you the truth.
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A pause in the actioin

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Posted 20th October 2012 at 09:13 AM by xatsmann

Although I said I was going to "take action" there has been a pause brought on by a couple of things: one, I started substitute teaching to make money--its not a lot but it helps and I don't have to waste my time trying to get assistance from the government now that my unemployment has run out.

Second, my brother and I were unable to put any money toward the company. Why? My brother's dog, who was old but doing well, took sick and died rather suddenly and the cost of that, around $300, was our seed money to start the business.

However, we have made progress on the pizza card system and have received our samples from Martin. What we plan on doing next week at some point is getting together to personalize the sales literature to allow my brother to make sales calls on several pizza shop owners that he knows from having worked for in the past. Since my brother feels I tend to talk to much he doesn't want me to come along--which is fine with as I trust his judgement since he knows all of these people and I don't at all. I'm also glad he feels comfortable enough to tell me when to not do something--its important partners are completely honest with each other.

What I still haven't given up on Ed Dale's 30 day challenge although I can't use the forum as no one has ever gotten back to me on why I am banned. If I have time I will try and contact Ed or GuruBob directy this week and find out what the story is on why I was banned. However, I don't need to be able to post to use the system and I will find the time to find at least 3 micro niche's this week.
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    I am sorry about your brother's dog... I have one with cancer and is doing chemo right now but he is doing so much better.

    Having a funding source is a good idea to keep your business moving forward. A+

    I was so glad to read your positive direction with Ed Dale and the ban. sometimes we let our upset get in the way of a good decision and it seems you are taking the good from there and rolling with it. Good For you!
    Posted 20th October 2012 at 07:40 PM by bellabell bellabell is offline

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