How to increase conversion rate?

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Sometimes it hears that Many people have big email list or traffic but no sale or $.It' totally depends on other specific thing.

friends do you know which this thing or you can left a comment with your suggestion to increase conversion rate fast
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    You must learn how to write to make
    a good landing page and good marketing texts placed in the mail you will send.

    after that here are some advices:

    secure to have targetted visitors (words choose for your campaign are important)
    do test!!
    colors are important (do test to choose the best colors)
    use images

    be patient

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      Originally Posted by winnermarketing View Post

      You must learn how to write to make
      a good landing page and good marketing texts placed in the mail you will send.

      after that here are some advices:

      secure to have targetted visitors (words choose for your campaign are important)
      do test!!
      colors are important (do test to choose the best colors)
      use images

      be patient
      i totally agree your idea, and i think that it is very perfect, but i want to know the details, still do not know how to do this
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    Also: make sure you list contains people who are really interested in your services and that you periodically update them with something - so that they keep contact and don't ignore your e-mails.

    Sometimes all sorts of people sign up and they are not really interested in your services/products.

    A mistake that many make is to ruin their relationship with the people in the list by constantly feeding them with "SALES" and "OFFERS".

    I think you can suffocate them and if you don't do it right 2-3 times, they might get disgusted and leave you.

    I know a bunch of e-mail marketers who utterly disgusted me with their offers.

    Social media is a great way to get traffic and to stimulate your users to maintain a relationship with you. But it's generally considered to be a mistake to sell through SM.
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    You can follow few of my things to increase conversion rate on general

    1) Bring Urgency, like put a timer or a discount offer, which will not come again, so they will miss it if they dont buy it now.

    2) Offer of the day/week works like a charm.

    3) Putting testimonials or case studies help people to either imagine there situation or make them believe that if u worked for others, u will for me.

    4) Avoid having too lengthy or boring landing page without images.

    Good luck
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    Regular Blog update with social media sharing can help you to increase website conversion rate.
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      Originally Posted by deepakrajput View Post

      Regular Blog update with social media sharing can help you to increase website conversion rate.
      Working on the blog for a almost 2 months, little traffic now, hope won't get the direction wrong.
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    I remembered the first testing I did with just 11 new leads (talking about small group testing etc) not only I got all leads open my solo but all did follow along the road with all the services and content I provided them for.

    After did another similar approach with different leads (this time more of a 100 new leads etc) I still get the same response just like those 11 were in the first place.

    The secret here wasn't hard but simple to implementing...

    You see most people can impress you by the numbers, but the truth the matter is, it is all about the facts ( The Results/Conversions+ Sales etc).

    You can have so much work on reconfigurations on your sales method/funnel but without this "1 Element Of Approach" then you will losing out so much that you can't even cover the cost of expenses or ROI.

    So the question is how does I get not only the best conversions/sales from small leads but how do I get them to know me or me to know them more quickly than I can know my own friends relatives etc?

    Well here's the easiest approach you can use to get strangers to not only like you but to trust you...

    1. Identify- most people think identify is something you can just look into the market and hope for the best that you can just provide the solutions right in from of their faces just to help them out solving problems etc.

    But the truth is far more than just the facts that the market is other words the market is "On Demand" and there where the Gold is hidden.

    True Identify comes from true aspect of that person mind, and no I am not talking about science stuff etc. I am talking about true aspect of identify the real solution.

    "Why You?" Get the clue here?

    Let's just say you know something that no one else knows about... the only question that can come into your mind is "Why Me?" what specials thing I know that this person I am sending either email etc whatever don't know about?

    If this doesn't ring the bell well...the true identify is always the "?" yes the question mark. Now instead of leaving that question mark stick in your mind why not let it out to those you are tying to do business with or strangers that are about to opt-in etc.

    Know their signs and then you will know what is the best solution for that sign.
    And that's the time that you know that they know you know their sings etc.

    Which lead that you are the "1 Person" who can help them out with whatever problems they have.

    That's how I got results, it's that simple as knowing their sings (?) the funnel is just your check point they can come in to your world other known as getting your message to reach out to them.

    And of course we all know what ? stands for and how effective is to unlock every solutions ONLY IF you know what the ? is all about from those who step foot in your world (Marketing Funnel).

    Now where you can get the "?" from? here is your simple answer SURVEY.
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    This is where online network marketers beat ordinary affiliate marketers!

    Affiliate marketers, sometimes they tend to depend so much on copywriting, funnels, good autoresponder scripts, and call to action tools. They are so pre-occupied perfecting those things that they tend to forget, the there's a very simple way to convert people into loyal customers...

    "Connect with them in a very personal way."

    Turn your passion into profits.

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    You may hear often on this forum that it is not the size of your list, but quality that matters. And it turns out this is true in most, if not all cases. It is important to understand what your subscribers are really looking for, and try to give it to them.

    One way to learn some very detailed info about your subscribers is to use surveys asking them questions. There is a site called surveymonkey that will allow you to do this. You must send highly relavant, targeted offers to them.

    Also, if you're using squeeze pages to capture your leads, make them as short and sweet as possible.
    In other words, tell them what you have to offer with a email address field and download button, that's it. Make your free offer short and easily digestible, but at the same time very helpful.
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  • Here are some more trends i have recently studied for improving landing pages conversion. The 2-Step Opt-In / Signup Process that the article is refering to is something that has also increased the conversion rate of landing pages i worked on. On average, i have noticed an increase of about 20% in conversion rate. Of course, in the article there are several other trends that might help you.

    Marketing Analyst at SuperTasker - The place where you can get digital tasks done super fast.

    Favorite Quote: ~The only way to do great job is to love what you do~

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    The percentage of website visitors who fill out a form, call your company, or purchase something from you online. The percentage of callers who are issued proposals so better blog and update to your social media accounts
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    Get a Thorough Understanding Of The Basics And Get Good At Marketing First. Read Cashvertising by Drew Whitman
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    Generate Leads & Maximize Conversions.
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    The most important pieces of it are to be very clear with your value proposition. That's your offer to them. You want to make sure they understand the value of what you are selling and how it benefits them.

    If you state that very simply and very clear you really can't go wrong. The rest of it all little tweaks.

    Using WordPress? Check Out Our Super Fast Loading, Ad Optimized, Mobile Responsive WordPress Themes made just for marketers. Theme Bounce

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    Marketing Analyst at SuperTasker - The place where you can get digital tasks done super fast.

    Favorite Quote: ~The only way to do great job is to love what you do~

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    Originally Posted by diggbay View Post

    Sometimes it hears that Many people have big email list or traffic but no sale or $.It' totally depends on other specific thing.

    friends do you know which this thing or you can left a comment with your suggestion to increase conversion rate fast
    __________________________________________________ ____

    1] Provide them exactly what they are anxiously looking for!

    2] Make the Buy Now / Check Out process simple and easy.
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    Normarly during list building you put squeeze page and a free gift and an OTO after thank you page. This model is now not working as effectively as before. So in the current world I suggest doing it different Do not offer free gifts after squeeze get the members on funnel, make a seperate buyers list and Boom your conversions for future mails increase.

    Secondly do not send mails with free on them, you have to understand what your list wants and give them those offers.

    Thank You
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    Adding a video in your landing page or in email template gives you more engagement with your potential audiences.try to add more visual content because
    visual are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.
    40% of folks will respond better to visual information than plain text.
    and one more important thing track behavior of your audiences how they are engage with your page or email add heatmap and google analytic.
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      Originally Posted by tosakp View Post

      Split test always boost your conversions.
      Not true.

      I can show you case studies, if you'd like, from a conversion specialist team
      where the control beat the challenger.

      Doctor E. Vile
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        Originally Posted by ewenmack View Post

        Not true.

        I can show you case studies, if you'd like, from a conversion specialist team
        where the control beat the challenger.

        Doctor E. Vile
        It would be interesting to see those case studies..if you don't mind sending through pm.
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    on-page SEO, Content & structure of your site.
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    or you can use recommendation blocks, they really increase KPI by 15-20%
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    Check out GoGoChimp. 47.15% conversion rate for one of their customers and they also source leads for you. Win, win situation.
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    I am also searching some solution for this problem @diggbay. Now getting some ideas...
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    The best way to make your landing page more attractive and informative about your services that people are actually want to get with less loading time speed of website.
    Brisbane SEO

    For more information visit:
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    Make sure your leads are actually quality leads. Anyone can get someone's email with a scrapper. Getting a quality lead is art.
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    Design proper landing page,
    create unique image template; show the users how you are different from others.
    Attention ad content.
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    I suggest You Some Points How to Increase Conversation Rate .

    1.Add Guarantee
    2.Create Attractive Landing Page
    3.Use High- quality image
    4.Use Pic happy smiling ppl
    5.Add Eye Catching Call to Action Button
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    How to Increase Conversion Rates "Fast":
    Do all of the above (sorry, this won't be fast):

    1.) Write amazing sales copy

    2.) Write multiple headlines and split test them

    3.) Survey your visitors; ask them what they want/don't want. Then incorporate the advice into your offer.

    4.) Make sure your offer is actually converting, or it has "proof of concept" (people actually want or need it)

    5.) Learn your traffic source IN AND OUT

    6.) Test out different landing pages

    7.) Test out different design elements in each landing page

    8.) Test out different calls to action

    9.) Test out different images

    10.) Test out different ads or URLs which bring the visitors to your offer

    11.) Learn Psychology and the impact that certain emotional triggers have on people

    12.) Learn to track all activity so you get data on everything listed above so you know what works, what doesn't, and what to change!! Depending on your traffic source, etc, Bevomedia is free and works WELL!

    13.) Either buy enough traffic to get true numbers or make sure your free traffic is high enough in volume. Otherwise, don't bother focusing on anything else other than increasing your TRAFFIC! Because you don't know if what you have now is converting, until you have enough traffic to figure out the REAL numbers.

    I can go on and on, but you get the picture. Getting more conversions ain't easy, but it's doable!
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    Update your blog regularly & share your contents, links on social media platforms but try to use popular platforms. This will surely help you to increase conversion rate.
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    I can add that there is one more way to lift up your conversions. You may instal some exit intent platform, so you’ll always know your audience's preferences, and grab a bunch of subscriptions monthly.
    I’ve tried to use different platforms, but finally stayed with - picreel. The thing is in a gentle catch of your visitor's attention.
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    Conversion rates from a website, landing page or email campaign will all rely of different variables.

    With a website or landing page people are coming to you, with an email you are reaching out to them.

    Because you mentioned email my suggestion here is not to try and sell to them, of course your conversion rate will be terrible. Remember every day we are all being bombarded with marketing messages of people trying to sell to us. You need to break through the clutter! Everyone has their guards up to avoid this constant selling. Firstly you need to make sure that the people you are emailing have the problem that you can solve for them. If they don't know they have the problem it doesn't matter how good the product or service you are offering is, you are fighting a losing battle. These people would need to be educated on what there problem is first and then given a solution and in reality they will not stick around long enough to hear you out.

    Now assuming you have a highly targeted email list of people that do have a problem that they are aware of and you can solve then still do not sell to them. Create a series of personal emails out to them offer them something of value, share some content that will help them fix their problem without having to pay. Once they are engaged, ask them to get involved, ask them for some feedback on their single biggest problem in this area.

    Next is where the conversions come in, now you can do the flip and send them an email with some of their solutions and mention you have a great deal coming up for a limited time (create scarcity and get people excited). The next email is then where you offer them something at a perceived discounted rate for a limited time that can solve there problem. Remember to follow the system of:

    Grab - (HEADLINE)
    Engage - (SUB HEADLINE)
    Inform - (BODY COPY)
    Offer - (CALL TO ACTION)

    If you can use video is this email series then even better, it doesn't have to be high quality head shot video, it could be using something like Camtasia to do a screen cast of a powerpoint slides and your voice over, super easy to put together, low cost and highly effective.
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    Check out this thread! I think you can find here some new answers -
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    First you must learn how to write a good page and update your blog regularly on social medias to get more traffic for your website..
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    It's hard to get exact answer, let yourself experience and continuous learning. Keep moving forward!
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    Social proof is incredibly powerful. Use detailed testimonials, show logos of companies using your products or services.

    You could also experiment with reviews (Yotpo is awesome) and how much stock or availability remains.

    There's also a few crazy-effective plugins and apps that instantly send conversions sky-high. fomo is the most popular - easy to install and almost instantly gets you more sales by making your website look popular.
    GoGoChimp , 8 Cheviot Dr, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5AS, Tel: 0141 576 4302
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    These below are 39 tips I learned on Internet, hope it useful for you!

    1. Include as few fields as possible.
    When asking for information in an email opt-in form, ask for as little information as necessary. Heres an example of how using one additional form field decreased conversions by 11 percent.

    2. Add a guarantee.
    Include a no-questions-asked refund policy on all purchases. This reduces risk, and increased sales will usually more than make up for any returns.

    3. Use tangible action verbs.
    When testing out different calls to action, try using action language that spurs visitors to take action (for example, "grab yours," "reserve your seat")

    4. Use testimonials.
    Testimonials reduce risk and provide social proof. Use them on product landing pages as well as on your email opt-in landing page.

    5. Clearly state the benefits of your product or service.
    Listing the features of your product is important, but its even more important to tell potential customers exactly how your product will help them or solve their problem.

    6. Pay careful attention to your headline.
    Your headline is perhaps the single most important element of your landing page. Brainstorm at least 10 possibilities before choosing the strongest one.

    7. Keep conversion elements above the fold.
    Opt-in boxes and other conversion elements should be above the fold for optimal results.

    8. Use video to humanize your brand.
    Include a simple video on landing pages to show theres a real person behind your brand.

    9. Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads.
    If youre using AdWords or another form of PPC ads, be sure to send these visitors to a dedicated landing page (not your home page!).

    10. Include subscriber or social-media follower counts.
    Just like testimonials, including social proof helps reduce risk and increase conversions.

    11. Incorporate strong calls to action (CTAs) into every piece of content on your site.
    Let your readers know exactly what you want them to do next, whether thats click a button, read a blog post or fill out a form.

    12. Recommend related products.
    Include links to related content or products to keep visitors engaged and on your site.

    13. Include stock numbers.
    If you have a tangible product, include the number of remaining stock with your product descriptions (for example: Order now only 3 left in stock).

    14. Lose the hype.
    Most consumers are too savvy to fall for hype-based copywriting. Lose the hype, and focus instead on writing clear, compelling copy that helps your visitors make a purchase decision.

    15. Test variations of your CTA button.
    Your "buy now" or "order now" button may perform quite differently depending on where its placed, what color it is and how big it is. Test out several variations to see which ones perform best.

    16. Tell visitors exactly what theyre going to get.
    Provide visitors with absolutely everything they need to know about your product: What are the features and benefits? What does it look like? What are the possible uses? Who will benefit most from it? How will it be delivered?

    17. Include a clear value proposition.
    Tell potential buyers whats special about your product. How is it different and better than every other, similar product on the market?

    18. Give your visitors tunnel vision.
    When creating a landing page, remove anything that could potentially distract your visitors, such as a navigation bar and other CTAs. Your landing page should be 100 percent about getting your visitors to take one, specific action.

    19. Include a privacy statement on opt-in forms.
    Your privacy policy can have a huge impact on your email conversions. In one experiment, changing the wording just slightly resulted in a 19 percent increase in conversions.

    20. Get your visitors excited.
    Use emotionally-charged language and amazing storytelling to get your visitors eager and excited to try your product.

    21. Keep input fields optional.
    f you must ask for numerous fields of information, keep as many as possible optional to increase the likelihood that visitors will complete the form. You can always ask for additional information later.

    22. Meet the expectations of your PPC visitors.
    If visitors are coming to your landing page via a PPC ad, make sure your ad copy is consistent with your landing page copy. Your ad should tell them exactly what theyll find once they click through to your site.

    23. Offer various payment options.
    Believe it or not, not everyone wants to use Paypal. Consider offering a variety of payment methods to satisfy the preferences of all your potential customers.

    24. Include consumer reviews.
    Theres no doubt that consumer reviews are extremely influential in helping people make purchase decisions. In fact, according to a study by Zendesk, 88 percent of respondents said their buying decisions were influenced by positive and negative reviews.

    25. Test out various color combinations on your landing pages.
    Different colors can signify different things to different people (for example, light blue can be calming, while red can evoke feelings of stress or even anger). Test a variety of palettes to see which ones result in optimal conversion rates.

    26. Use high-quality images.
    Using generic, tacky stock photos can send the wrong message about your brand. Use professional-quality photos where possible.

    27. Use CTA buttons rather than links.
    Buttons are more obvious and more clickable, particularly when viewed on mobile devices.

    28. Use a chat tool.
    Offer live chat to help answer questions and alleviate any concerns potential customers may have.

    29. Use directional cues.
    Move your visitors attention to your most important on-page element through the use of arrows or other visual cues. Just be careful to stay tasteful -- flashy red arrows generally dont work like they used to!

    30. Try a single column layout.
    One experiment showed a 681 percent increase in conversions when changing from a double column layout.

    31. Include a headshot.
    Dont be afraid to include a personal photo in your sidebar or near your CTAs. It can reduce the sense of risk by showing that theres a real person behind the brand.

    32. Offer a price-match guarantee.
    While most people wont take you up on the offer, it helps convey that youre concerned about keeping your prices competitive.

    33. Test out various content lengths.
    Depending on your niche, product and audience, short copy may outperform long copy (or vice versa). Be sure to test various lengths to see what works best with your audience.

    34. Use pictures of happy, smiling people.
    Its commonly believed that these types of images result in the highest conversion rates.

    35. Make sure you include contact info.
    Give your customers confidence in buying from you by including complete contact info in an easily accessible location.

    36. Offer bonus discounts at checkout.
    Offer free shipping or a percent-off discount to customers on their next purchase.

    37. Dont require registration in order to buy.
    Some sites require users to complete a registration form in order to make a purchase. Be sure to offer a one-time, "express" checkout to minimize potential roadblocks.

    38. Match your copys reading level to your audience.
    Using difficult or obscure language -- or language thats too simplistic, for that matter -- can alienate some of your visitors. Use a tool such as Readability Score to make sure youre matching your copy to your audiences preferences.

    39. Dont offer too many options.
    When faced with too many choices, people may actually become paralyzed and completely avoid a particular task or decision. When possible, be very clear about who your product is for, or suggest which product is best for the majority of people (Most popular choice).

    Bonus tip: Remember that the key to a highly converting website is to test, test, test. What works for one website, audience or niche may not work for another, making it difficult to offer a one-size-fits-all strategy for achieving optimal conversions. Figure out what works best for your business, and then run with it.
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    Now a days it is easy to increase the conversion rate with the use of conversion rate optimization. It is a new wing of SEO and digital marketing. Conversion rate optimization is art, and you must take the help of professionals to do so.
    Demographic makeup is a dynamic and changing human audience, with complex consumer behavior and changing patterns. It is necessary to figure out how to best use your business resources to tilt the sales odds forever in your favor requires expertise.
    You can surely take the help of Techmagnate as they provide conversion rate optimization services and they are pretty renowned for it.

    Jhelum Sen, Content Marketing Consultant

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